Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{I've fallen... and I CAN'T GET UP!}

No, literally.

I fell yesterday morning, here in my home.

No, I don't drink at 7am the floor just loves me, so I visited with it for about a minute. It wasn't fun. But, it happened.

My Husband ran to my rescue..only because he thought I had fallen over with my daughter... when he saw me, the gallon of milk and my body sprawled out on the floor, he laughed... it was pretty funny. You know that episode from Family Guy {I know, not the best cartoon but yeah...} where Peter falls and hurts himself and just sits there "whoooing and ahhhing" over his pain. That was me. So, as I slowly recovered from my throbbing foot and knee I laughed... as I told my friend..it was tragic then it was funny.

Isn't that life? Wow.

Well lesson learned. Connie can't multi-task while walking in platform heels on slippy tile floors in her own home. Oh well. You live and you learn!

On the upside I think I found a cake place for my lil'Momma's birthday cake! I am SO extra excited. I only have a few other things to purchase this week and then I just have to wait until next week to buy the food.

I can't wait...

Other than that..it was just another day at the office....my foot hurts a little, I think it's just a minor sprain nothing major...

11 days away now...
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