Friday, March 9, 2012

{The Table in the Cornor} ♥

The other night I went to "dinner", more like a friendly meet up with one of my amazing Momma friends. We met at La Madeline, I had never been there and was really just there for the company and the listening ear.

We got a small dinner and found a nice quiet, cozy table in the corner. As we started talking I noticed the room around us was bustling and in full swing. But as the night went on the tears welted in our eyes and the conversation about life, family, marriage and kids began to draw us more and more into that little corner table. Once we got started the laughter and anecdotes about our Husbands and kids began to flow. I realized that the table was engaging in a whole new type of dinning experience; one where happiness, sorrows, goals and faith were being shared.


Life was being lived at this very table.

No one knew what we were talking about. Maybe some were intrigued by the two 30-something year old  Momma like ladies having a great conversation over pink lemonade and sprite. Maybe no one cared or even saw us and maybe we were at the table that everyone wished they had snagged. Either way. We cared. My friend and I, Momma Yvonne, were there for each other as Momma's, Wives, Sisters, Daughters and friends...

The room around us was also very much alive. I didn't realize it until we got up and our conversation ceased that the restaurant was busy. Very busy. Too busy for my peace of mind. We bought some desserts for the Hubby's who had stayed at home that night. We walked out and into the busy streets.

It's those nights of intriguing conversation and great company that I love so much. Those nights when laughter and tears can be shared.

Those nights when faith and life stories bring out the best in you. Those nights when Love and Peace can overcome the chaos in your brain and soul.

Those nights when we snag corner tables to talk about being women and every day struggles.

Those nights when you know Jesus was sitting next to us at the corner table and walking along side of us as we headed to our cars.

Those nights when Blessings are so clear.

Those nights when friends can be so real.

Those nights when life....doesn't pass you by but instead draws you near...

We all need those nights... the nights when meeting a friend can change your whole perspective on your busy schedule.

Those nights when you realize you are not crazy..just Human.

Those nights...

I love them and I love my friends.

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

YES! Love those nights, days, those moments! And love friends just like you! <3