Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change...

Time change. TOTAL {massive} FAIL.  Santi was up at 5 am watching movies and wanting to drink a COKE. Was he loopy? Just a bit. You think! This child never rarely drinks coke, if he does it's never more than a taste. So, for him to be so persistent about a coke at 6:30 in the morning. Yea, time change effect.

Because of the Time Change, I no longer recollect anything before Saturday night. Ha. I wish. But, it feels that way!

Other than a crazy Monday morning, we had a great, great weekend. We went to the rodeo which I was kinda sorta boycotting but maybe I will ease up. I had to for Sunday night's concert! #gotejanoday

There are many things already established for Cami's Birthday party, thankfully. Lots of people on board in a very good and positive manner, always good!

My invites FINALLY arrived!!! Thank God for FB and texting! Ha.

I am SO extra nervous about it all getting done the way I envision it. I know that at a certain point on March 17th {yes less than 6 days away...}, I will have to let go of my vision and just go with what I have so we shall see! It's a difficult task for me to just let go....

On another note Spring Break is this week. My Hubby is off from school and I will be off from work for a few days mostly to get things done for Saturday but still we have a couple of other things planned to enjoy time with the kids.

Other than Cami's Birthday "DRA-MA!", I am excited and kinda in the clouds. Been feeling a little blah-ish. But, we gots to shake it off and get things done. It's the only way! Right?

I started going to the gym tonight with a super sweet girl, Kelly, she is really motivating and I hope I can keep this up!

Happy week everyone.

I can't wait for the weekend..CAMI WILL BE ONE! {This Saturday is just her birthday Party not her actual the way. Ha.}


Jazmin B. said...

Lovely time change. Bebo was up at 6am. Thankfully went back to sleep and woke up at 9a.

Im glad you got the invitations! I cant wait to see them. And you Go Girl! Stay motivated. You are Trully Blessed <3 :)

Connie Leon said...

Gracias Amiga! I am gonna try!!! I will bring yours on Thursday when I see you if you don't mind? :D