Sunday, March 25, 2012

{Year ONE, CamNoodles!} ♥

{Oh my. I don't know if I will get through this one with a dry eye. Just thinking of the words to type I start to get emotional. But, I guess that's a girl for you....

In 1999 I met Ricardo...had anyone told me that by 2012 we'd be married and with not one but DOS amazing little Blessings..I wouldn't believe you. As an 18 year old waiting to conquer the world, I didn't see myself as a House Wife or Momma, AT ALL. Ever. Go figure, huh? I wanted to be a doctor, God knew where my true accomplishments and talents would lay...

God, you ROCK!


Mi Morenaza {Mi Amor y la mitad de mi ser....} Camila Isabel,

You came into our lives as one of the biggest surprises that we never expected but one of the most amazing Blessings that we prayed for day and night for years and years. Your mysterious and exploring eyes. That amazing smile that will melt hearts for years to come, to much of your Father's dismay. With your pearly white piranha teeth, "dientona" is what Daddy calls you. Those long legs, that little potbelly and stick straight black hair. It's leaves me in awe every.single. time that I think of how such a  wonderful little human being came to be.

You are the light of our lives, the way of our days and the breath of sweet fresh air that Team Gomez needed. We are complete {or are we?}; God will know.

Yes, you were a surprise but trust me, you were MORE than welcomed. The day I figured out I may be pregnant was a day that we will never forget. Could it be that inside this Momma grew another little seed of love and faith.

My pregnancy with you was amazing! So sweet and such a glow of new light. I knew you'd be a little Momma... and the day I found out, Hot Pink and Purple flashed before my eyes! Butterflies grew in my heart as it awaited your arrival into this world.

The day you arrived. I knew you'd be my littlest princess. You are that and so much more.  La Nena.

God knew what He was doing when He sent this little bright eye, busy body into our bring us new and happiness and joy, to help us explore parenthood to a different extent! You are such a peaceful and calm baby. You go about discovering new things on your own always cautious that Momma, Dad or Big Brother Santi are right behind you to help if you get stuck. Trust me. We are always there. You are such a little babbler, "talking" and wide eyed since you were 3 months old! You started holding your bottle and sitting up at around 4 months. And, you are definitely your Momma's child. You have ants in your pants and do NOT sit still EVER! You are feisty little Mexican Momma. morena and strong! You put up a BIG fight and your brother will soon get away with nothing, if you have anything to say about it! You LOVE, love, LOVE to get it from yo'Momma. You hear music and you look for your Daddy {your more than willing dance partner} and if you can't find him, you shake your booty right where you are! Trust me, your Dad will be sleeping with one eye open when the time comes!

You are definitely your Daddy's little girl, I think you will be inseparable soon. You learn everything your brother teaches you, and quickly! And, even though Santi seems very jealous of you, he never EVER forgets you and is very protective of you. I dress you up in pink and frill but I think soon you will be sporting sneakers and dirt, like your brother and cousin {Olin}. I pray you are a good mix of tomboy and girly, cause we have enough testosterone in this house. You are very lovable and cautious. Perfect combination for a Woman's heart.

Don't be scared. The world is not a nice place but with God by your side NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. He will be the light and guidance you need as your years grow. He will be the LOVE and strength that you should seek when those years get weary. I will be here for you every step of the way but if I am not, then God will be your ONLY way.

Men are complicated, when the time comes, I will be giving you the full lesson. Your Daddy is an amazing hardworking, loyal and God seeking man; find one like him and you will be okay. {Your Daddy will tell you otherwise..but life is about learning and growing... } GET AN EDUCATION FIRST...Love will always be there...TRUST ME. Trust in yourself. You will be stronger and more knowing than you will probably think you are. It's in your blood. Faith and Family come first, friends if they are true...will always be there... Don't try to grow up too fast... that doesn't lead anywhere good and when you are 30 you will wish you were 1 again... Life is difficult, but well worth living. It will NOT be easy. Be safe and learn quickly. {I will be here for you... maybe not always your favorite person but always the most truthful.}

You are very tall for your age. You wear a size 18 to 24 months and are only 12 months. You have chunky hobbit feet. Your hair is so dark and so straight. You only have 8 teeth and you have been sick once really bad, with a fever and all. You get into just about anything and everything. You have been crawling for about 3 months now and sitting up for about 4 months. You are trying to walk as you prop yourself up on just about everything. You love to laugh and have fun. You eat  just about anything and LOVE your binkie.

You have always been little Miss. Independent and slept in your own room in your own crib, until recently when you have been waking up at 4 am and you don't stop until we bring you into our know exactly what you are doing! Daddy calls you MommaLongLegs and you are your brothers Nena.

You and your brother are our life! Don't ever forget that, everything we do...we do it for you!!!!

Love Always,

Momma, Daddy and Big Brother Santi


Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

ahhhhhh-dorable!!!! Cami is difinately a precious little angel! Happy Birthday, Princess!!

Baby Big Hair said...

What an amazing way to speak life into your children. Praise God for your wisdom and discernment into their lives since day one!!! They will rise and call you blessed!!! Go'Head Baby!!