Monday, July 2, 2012

{15 Months} CamBam! ♥

It's been 15 months of my amazing little Cami!!! 

She has several nicknames to her brother she is "Nena", to her Daddy she is "Migis", to me she is "Camila Isabel!".... to the rest of our family she is anything from Cami to CamBam, Cam Noodles, and Mila...
All I know is that what ever name sticks with her for the rest of her life it will never be enough to express the joy and sunshine that she is in our lives!

Her tiny spicy personality has begun to explode as she fights her brother in the infamous battles of the ever so terrible two's and the "mine" complex!
She is spunky and happy! 
She Loves food and doesn't mind sharing that beautiful God given smile!
 All her little Piranha teeth are perfectly crooked in every way. 
She is warm and loving a true little Momma. 
She is bright and fun.
All. the. time. 
Her soft little hands melt my heart and her tiny stinky feet melt my sense of smell. Ha. 

Camila has been an amazing little "Surprise" Blessing. 
In 2010 I had no thoughts of getting pregnant again so soon and when it happened...
I felt like it was just meant to be. 
This day. 
I know it was more than meant to be it was God given.

I finally have a mini-me, so full of life and pretty in pink. 
She dances and sings to any tune and is so easy going she rarely complains...
She carries a purse and has pink toes, God knew exactly who this family needed to give that perfect balance to this sweet sweet chaos
Don't get me is not all roses and peace...we have our ups and downs but knowing that God has Blessed us with such a beautiful little "Migis" just makes it all worth while! 
We cry, we laugh, we share, we fight, but through it all we have Sunshine...she is a little Sister and she is a Lil'Momma; My Cami is a beautiful Angel on earth given to me even without me deserving such a beautiful Blessing... 
 "She is the Dos in His equation of pure Love and Faith melted into one home."
She is another member of Team Gomez and a second prayer answered from up above....

She is 15 month old CamBam!!!

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