Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Let me be brutally honest about some brutal truth today. 

The baby days of ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing are long gone in my house, it takes some time to realize it and accept it. These days the chaos reigns in my casa! I have a Two-&-8month old {My almost 3 year old} and a 15 month old {My Soon to be 2 year old}, yep. Your math is right, TWO terrible ever so "AH" TWO's in the mix.  

Trust me. I love my kids. I do everything I do for my kids. I live for them. But, this stage of their lives, the "TWO's" it transforms them into these tiny rebel beings who have no regard for the pain and embarrassment that this Momma goes through when one of the TWO's is jumping from one chair to another AT.THE.DR'S.OFFICE  with hash brown on their face while the other crawls underneath the said chairs and growls at the other kids, we won't point any fingers here. And, I am sorry BUT that is the TRU'F!

I don't lie. My two Beautiful Little Angels have alter egos and trust me not even their Momma recognizes them.....

I don't hide, or try to run from it, I embrace it. One.single.deep.breath.after.another. It's not easy but it is what it is.... two, terrible two-ers!

I don't like to get into the mind set of "Oh poor me!" or "I deserve a break!" cause who doesn't but I do voice my pain and fatigue to the Hubby who will then say...."ok" and step in.

So, tonight. With NO Momma guilt This Momma stepped out.... of the chaotic casa and went to dinner and a movie! With the muchachas! Yup. With the Hubby's not so little cousins... and yes...we LOVED and enjoyed ever minute of it... and YES more than once during the night the conversations turned towards Cami and Santi! The TWO rebel beings that take over my world by day and then conquer my heart by night... I can't help it and I am a Momma after all! 

picture taken at HEB by Nanielle!

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