Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Change} ♥

For a few weeks now I have been As if I just didn't belong. I was in-between feelings. For people, for life, for my future.

This morning it hit me. 

It's called Change.

God has been calling me to look around myself and reevaluate; friendships, work, life, myself. It's not a bad thing, it's a freeing thing. How else can I walk towards God's bigger plan and purpose for my life, if I don't allow change, if I don't embrace it, if I don't accept it. 

That's probably the most difficult, accepting it. I have had many, many amazing friendships and jobs in my life, I have learned so much from all of them. But, it's time to move on. To move forward and God is calling me there. I have to accept it. No matter who or what gets left behind. I will have to accept it.

Friendships change, they grow, they mature, they move in different directions, with different goals and ambitions, with different opinions and views. But, then God opens your eyes and allows you to realize that He's replaced those friendships with others that are a bit more like you and on the same track of family, career and life. AND. THAT. IS.OK. In some cases those friendship were already there, I just didn't open my heart to what should be and was being stubborn as to what I thought I wanted it to be.

Lately, I have been freaking out about things that have happened even at work, that have given me bigger responsibilities. Bigger opportunities. Bigger challenges. And then I realized "Connie, now is your time to shine!" Wake up. For so many years I have asked for this, I have prayed for it with tears in my eyes and God kept saying, "hold on." Now I have it and I didn't even know my bottom from my head but this morning, clarity.

Clear. ::deep breath of relief::

Everything happens for a reason. Change is one those things that has to happen in order for us to further fulfill our purpose for His reason!

I am so excited. I am moving forward and I am ready for this change!




I hope you are embracing change and opening your heart to what is to come. God is with you. In Him find strength. In Him find peace. In Him find FREEDOM.

For change. 

::deep embracing breath::

I will place my focus where God wants it to be and not where I want it to be.

God is with me. I know.

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