Thursday, August 2, 2012

{My AWeSoMe Post} :)

One day I will be an awesome Blogger with awesome post about my awesome life... or something like that.... You know the kind that updates her Blog regularly with awesome pictures and cool how-to's with the kids, with post about trips to the city zoo and vacations with the family to some awesome place...Yeah that will be me one the mean time... here I am.. the almost every day 8 to 5 worker some days 6 to midnight... no I am not a doctor, or a nurse or some really awesome Blogger, just an Election worker. And this is my life.

I don't like lacking awesome-ness! I want to be AWESOME, really I do. But, I fail. Really bad sometimes. But, I survive! I have worked a total of 49.7 hours this week alone and it's not even Friday yet! Yes. That's the kind of job I have. But enough about work...back to being awesome!

I have these really AWESOME kids who I will soon {hopefully}, really soon get to spend more time with! I want us to do stuff and plan fun {and yes AWESOME} activities to catch up on what has or has not been a Summer for us!

I have this really AWESOME Hubby who has been EVER SO supportive of my crazy work schedule and antics over why his shoes are in the middle of the hall and the kids are playing with No seriously. And where did all these toys come from to begin with! They have no concept of space is all I know. The toys, obviously! But, he is really AWESOME. While he sleeps I am on my way home and I  leave before he wakes...and still he loves me. And I love him. In a very awesome way. Just sayin'.

Are you tired of the word AWESOME, I am loving it. More and more as we go! July was crazy, I mean...awesomely busy! I am ready for August but more so ready to rest....

August is filled with birthday parties, anniversaries, trips and life as usual... hopefully a little more Blogging...about...awesome stuff and yes being awesome in general.


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Awesome! Lol.

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