Friday, August 24, 2012

{Viernes} ♥ & Work Travel....

It's been a busy week; work, home, life! Feeling blah and then the crazy no bueno in Houston.

It makes for a draby long drawn out week...I wished I was in bed most days but not possible for this Momma. It has been an "AHHH!" kind of week! And, this weekend.... CHANGE. Lots.

My Hubby is such an amazing person and I don't give him as much credit as I should...for weeks now he's been saying....I will be gone and you will miss me. To which I say...WHY? Why would I miss you? I got this! {It's the SuperMomma in me talking... }

Truth is. The day is here too soon.

This weekend Ricardo will leave for Utah. For 3 weeks! I will be a "single" Momma! All the single Momma's out there you will hear me whine and you will have to tell me to get over IT! And, I will. It will be a challenge with two kids that go to two separate places of care and who don't like waking up early and who cry, fight and make "meshes" everywhere.

I will fortunately have some help but as I told my boss at work... I don't want to abuse that help and I will not be fully dependant on others to help me all the time, I need to do most, if not all on my own. The next few weeks will test my organization, time management and sanity. {God help me.}


I am not sure how far that is from here but I am sure it's FAR. It's going to be crazy! We are going to try and get web cams so that we can see each other and mostly so the Hubby can see the kids! They will definitely think it's bizarre to have their Daddy there but  not there!

For those of you who don't know....My Hubby graduated from UH in June he landed a pretty sweet job and in July on his first week at work... he was asked to go to Utah, as part of his training...for 3 weeks in August-September. Now, we are there.... Sunday he will catch his plane and be on his way...a new little adventure.... for Him and for our family! I am not sure we will get to visit it will be tough! We shall see. Where this new little stage in our lives will take us....


I don't know what I will do or how..but I will. Manage.

I know it's a Blessing. I know God wanted this for us. And, I know my Hubby will only emerge a new person. A new well trained employee I am sure. And, somehow I feel that as individuals him and I will learn a lot about ourselves... that will help us grow as adults, spouses, parents, and everything else that make us.... US. Ha. I think that, that's what this whole journey has taught us so far... that we must be strong as individuals to be strong as a couple and a family.

Feliz Viernes a todos....

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