Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{On Relaxing} :)

It's difficult!

I am constantly telling my kids. Relax, deep breath, calm down. Truth is. They can't. They get it from their Momma. {You know you totally turned into a rapper for about a minute there but NO really they do!}

I am the weirdest most non-conformist person I know. I am constantly seeking the next big thing. My next big idea, project or move! Pero porque? Why can't I just relax, deep breath and stay calm! Since I have been at home I have napped a total of 2 times! 2 TIMES IN 2 WEEKS! The reason for me staying home was to rest, relax and enjoy. Instead I am doing, thinking and exciting! Then it happens the dizziness and shakes come back..I am constantly over-whelming myself... I need to learn to relax... so I forced myself to nap during this post and it's been about 4 days since I started it...Ha!

Anyway. On relaxing. I try. It's hard but I get it; we need to calm down and move slowly sometimes... 

I am learning. 

I am praying. 

I promise, I am relaxing....My Hubby is helping me learn that, things don't always have to be perfect or run at a 110 miles per hour.....so we went to the beach 2 weekends ago.. it helped me take it easy... and slow.down... what's to come? I have NO idea. But, I have faith that what ever it is..I will get there...slowly but surely...

God is here with me...with us...and my little family....

"Don't worry about tomorrow..God is already there...." {A plaque in my kitchen....} 

I am trying to follow  His way and take His guidance.. but sometimes.... I just can't relax enough to hear Him!  So, for today.... deep breath::calm down:: and relax:: God is taking care of it for you....

Amen?! Yes! Amen. {Click below for reassurance}


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