Monday, October 22, 2012

{Mexican & Politics} #latism
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I have never been one to play the race card or speak of politics... won't do either now.

I don't feel like I allow either to determine who I am or where I will go.

But, I will say this. I am Mexican. My parents came here 31 years ago. Yes, Illegally. Because of the 1986, Amnesty Act they remained in the U.S. working everyday of their lives as hard as they possibly could. One day after the other, like every other non-Mexican and Mexican in the U.S. alike. If I identify with Mexicans and Mexico it's because I have extremely close ties to it.

This day. My parents still work very hard and earn middle-class wages to one day build on that little dream they had when they arrived to the U.S., 31 yeas ago. I am sure it's not easy to accept but for a small portion of our lives we were on temporary "government" assistance. It was embarrassing but not a way of life. It was just that....temporary assistance. These days 3 of their 4 children {the 4th a Senior in H.S. taking Debate and winning them all.} are College graduates; GO COOGS! We stand our ground and have the same and maybe a bit better middle-class working jobs but a little better off. Home owners and paying taxes like everyone else.

In the future I pray that I can teach my children that the ONLY way to go is to educate yourself. To earn a college degree so that your intelligence is not determined by race or politics but by your work ethic, morals and family values. Because we were instilled hard working traditional family values and have obtained most of what we want in this life and in this country we want that and more of the American Dream.

I will remind my children that their grandparents, both maternal and paternal came to this country struggling immigrants granted an opportunity to make a living based on how hard they worked and not what color they are or who they vote for.

Be involved. Become educated. And, Vote! Not for a race or a party but because of your history and where you want your people to go. I can't stress enough that enough as well as become informed with local government and process.

Early Voting Begins today and I plan on voting sometime this week! I will be sure to keep you informed!

{I wasn't sure if I should post this but this{click here} Bloggy-Momma encouraged me to!}

Oh yes! 4 DAYS UNTIL THE LATISM CONFERENCE!!!! I can't wait!!!

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