Friday, October 19, 2012

{SAHMomma} Updates & WhatNot #latism

Yes, I know. 

It's only been 2 weeks...already you have updates?! Ha.

Well I do. That and reflections.

I am searching. For a schedule. For a plan. For a niche. Trust me. This is serious.

When I made the decision to stay home I thought this would all fill itself in and while becoming a Stay-at-Home-Momma has been my dream and a Blessing, that doesn't mean I had all the answers or plans. I firmly believe that I am here for a good reason and purpose. Soon enough it will come, for now my everyday reason and purpose are two smiley faces that wake up say good morning, pee on the potty and brush their teeth. Not enough? Trust me. More than enough! I love it. It's been great! I am happy.

About the shakes and dizziness. I am waiting for my Hubby's insurance to kick in so I can go back to my specialist. I have pending blood work results and I am still not feeling 100%, I noticed more so this week when I had coffee..I am thinking caffeine is my new enemy. We shall see.

About Cami and how much fun she is. See for yourself. She is one walking, talking, cup of sugar and LOTS OF SPICE! Lots! She is sometimes kooky and cheesy and other times needy and lovey-dovey! As for my Santi, he is awesome everyday becoming more of a helper and little gentleman to his Sister...when he is not pushing her and taking her toys! They are so close though and have so much love for one another, it's amazing! They are MY kids!

About not working. I feel awful. It feels like the vacation should be over. I don't want to wake up and I may ask a stranger to pinch me just to make sure I am not dreaming. I am Blessed. It's definitely bitter-sweet! I would have somehow been a part of maybe the 2nd biggest Election in History instead I am home being a Mommy and I secretly Love it. I don't want to feel regret or guilt. But, SOMETIMES it's inevitable. Being a part of something BIGGER sometimes means being at Home and Being who God wants me to be... I have faith and I trust... I am exactly where He wants me to be.

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About the BLOGGER CONFERENCE! Have I mentioned how excited and nervous I am! Because I am. I can't wait and I just want to share everything that I learn! It will be great. I hope. Eeeek!

Happy Friday!

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