Thursday, October 18, 2012

{Thankful Thursday} #latism

This week I am most Thankful for:

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{Support} Especially from my Husband.The last month or so have not been easy. He has been there. I have cried more than usual. My Husband has calmed me down, a few times over the phone because he wasn't here physically. I love him. I give him a hard time. I shouldn't. He is my rock. Through it all.

{Non-Momma friends} Being  a Momma I tend to gravitate towards Momma friends and forget that I have SO many amazing friends who are hardworking Wives and FRIENDS! The past few weeks have been filled with many great conversations of motivation and life. I love it. I thank God for them very much and appreciate EVERY woman in my life, past and present!

{Kids Birthday Parties} It reminds me I am not the only person with children who like to loudly express themselves as this is a free world right! Ha. Some of you may not know but last week my family and I were at a FAMILY restaurant {Chili's} and a lady MOVED because apparently my children didn't know "how to use their inside voice"... well Sunday we went to a birthday party at a bowling alley...seeing SO many kids of all ages run around, speak loudly WHILE INDOORS, and just BE themselves as we ALL have the right to BE, made me feel welcomed and as if I belonged better yet my CHILDREN were accepted! I loved that!

{Blessings} As some of you may know I quit my job to become a Full-time Stay at Home Momma...a Blessing in itself and dream come true...On my last day of work my brother graduated from the Culinary Institute and I was contacted about attending a BLOGGER CONFERENCE! My first!!!! Ever. I am so very excited, nervous and anxious. It's been a huge Blessing and I can't wait!

As you can tell, this Momma has been well... a bit busy! Thank You to everyone who has been there and Thank You to all of our new readers! I have been promising change for a while now and will come!

Hope you stick around or join us!


OneMommy said...

Have to say I'm thankful for kid birthday parties, too! :)

Hope you link up this week!

Unknown said...

I am glad you are thankful for your friends who are not momma's. I am not a momma but a very cool aunt to my n4 year old niece in a far away state. I'm a new follower from Thankful Thursdays! Esther Norine Designs