Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{Pimpon} #latism

Tu sabes! Si lo sabes, es porque creciste con el!

Pimpon! El muñeco guapo y de carton! Ha.

We found this really cheesy video of Pimpon but Camila loves you can tell in the video of her dancing to it. Ha. 

My kids are learning not just Spanish but also songs that my Husband and I grew up with. Ever since they were little we sang songs like Pimpon to them. I found el Raton Vaquero, y El Chorrito which were songs that I heard as a child....Cri-Cri, el grillito cantor was created by Francisco Gabilondo Soler in 1934 and was a household name in Mexico but trust me we grew up in Texas and Michigan and Cri-Cri came with us every where we went! All I know is that my Grandmother is very proud of the fact that my kids speak Spanish and can sing along to songs that she taught us growing up!

Now that I am home with Camila, I am going to use the magical place of Youtube to show her more songs. This is the kind of music I grew up with and although it's totally outdated it was what brought about our transcending culture and consistent traditions that I hope to pass along to my children. 

Later in life came my absolute Love for these two men... el Bueno, MUY BUENO! Y el Malo, MUY MALO! Ha.

Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete were one of a kind and I used to watch them along with Elvis, day in and day out...yes also not part of my era but very well known and loved in our home. And, one more only because I LOVE this song!!!

If you know. It's cause you grew up with them... the way I did.

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