Friday, November 9, 2012

{A Taco Post} :)

The other day I read a post about Tacos ::taco post HERE::!


I wanted tacos!

A couple of nights later....friends came over and asked if we wanted to go eat some "street tacos"...from a near by taco truck... al carrito de los tacos...nos fuimos! Ha. My Hubby who is totally about me writing about super cool and "cultural" things says to me... you should totally Blog about this... Ha.  I had already thought about it, I tell him! Ha.

So, in our area we go to "Clay Road tacos" the real name is Tacos Arcoiris... they are somewhat near my home but if you ride down HWY 6 in any direction here in can probably find more than a hand of full of these yumma tacos de carrito.....previously I would ONLY. ONLY. eat them from a taco truck in North side Houston...where I grew up... but the truck moved and even though others claim to be just as good..they really aren't. Mis favoritos son de cabeza, pastor o de suadero!

We love going but with the kids we usually opt for bring them back home since they are right off the side of a super busy street... check out my son's face in this picture..he said to me.. "Mom, there are cars coming..." HA. He meant off the side of the road...onto the sidewalk into the car wash where this taco truck sits... the waitress is a really straight forward lady who writes it all down and walks off with your order a couple of feet away into the taco truck which now after a couple of years has two cooks.  It's a small truck the works space is tiny and the demand is high. The cooks work their butts off but and the new truck in their parking spot is good proof of their hard earned money night after night.

The taco truck gets really busy, you grab your own drink and now they have extra snacks like Cheetos and Mexican candy..which my kids LOVE. Like I stated in a post kids can't go to Mexico but this is totally an experience that I want them to embrace and love..they ate their taquitos de barbacoa and Cheetos..the best of both worlds and Momma and the Hubby were oh so very happy to number one; have a dinner OUT, literally..with friends and number two we ate such delicious food that totally hit the spot that night!

Did I mention the tacos are only $1.00! Great eat and good deal, for Houston that is!

Taco = Yumma food...
Stay tuned... more food post next week!!!
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