Saturday, November 10, 2012

Target DATE!

Date night for the Hubby and I are almost non-existent.....any chance we get to take a little break or for some time alone... we take it. Don't get me wrong...we LOVE our kids with ALL of our hearts. But, a little time away is always appreciated, to re-group, to talk and to just be Husband and Wife.

Today we definitely took advantage of an afternoon nap.

We had breakfast at our home with family and by 2pm everyone was tired. Before we knew it everyone was asleep....My Sister and her son where here as well... so we made a mad dash for the door not before asking my Sis' if she minded staying with the kids..everyone was asleep!

So, the Hubby and I left... to Target... we shopped for a new phone {to upgrade the Hubby} and a T.V.{which my son broke, he breaks a lot of things... #boys} was fun...I also looked at toys for possible Christmas gifts..the afternoon was perfect!

I also had a great picture of my Sister asleep but she did watch the kids so I don't want her mad at me! Ha!!

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