Friday, November 2, 2012

{Sam Moon} The Accessory Post & Giveaway!

So, I attended the LATISM Conference last week!! Still in was a true Blessing! It was awesome, see for yourself...HERE AND HERE!

One dilemma that I had was dress code. Being a "Rookie Conference attendant"... I didn't know what, where, who and when...I ended up asking my awesome Bloggy  Momma friend from Vegas over at ::DESUMAMA:: Vane, how formal she thought I should be...she said one thing that stuck in my mind the whole time...."be comfortable but with style"... and once I got her message she made me  feel a lot more at ease as I picked out what I would wear....none of which really came through in my pictures...but oh well!  Ha. I digress. 

Moving on..Ha. I used to get all my accessories at New York & Company. These days this Momma is on a budget.....So, I explore and I find...

I have been to Sam Moon here in Houston many a times but never realized how cheap and CUTE everything is! 

Last week for the conference, I needed a little updated, more modern, very ME kind of look. So, I resorted to accessories. I had been here before and then stumbled upon some new favs. Now it's totally going to be my store...

The Pink card holder was a hard case wallet organizer thingy $8.00 but I pulled out the accrodian like inside and used it to hold my cards..which I gave out for the first time at the conferece! Ha.

The skulls, I totally fell in LOVE with all under $4.00!!! The leaf, reminded me of Hunger Games..not my fave movie but it was super cute! I don't think I spent more than 20 bucks! It was a stylish steal, I think! Ha.

And, since I have finally made it to the Post-Office and everything I had to mail has been mailed ::insert excitement here:: then I can do this....::insert the price is right game show music here::  Bloggy Reader COME ON DOWN!!!! I will be selecting a winner for the Black Skull necklace shown above and below..Ha.... to enter leave a comment below with your name and your blog {if you have one} and tell us HOW MUCH YOU THINK IT WAS!!!! Simple!? Sure!!! I will announce a winner next week... you have until noon tomorrow {Saturday; November 3rd, 2012} to enter! If you for some reason can't leave a message below then do so on the post about this Giveaway on my FB page. Tell your friends!

Have fun...and GOOD LUCK!!! 

Have a GREAT weekend ya'll!!!

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