Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saying Good-Bye to October....

Because guess what?? It is long gone hunnai! 

Just like's NOVEMBER 1ST? 

All I can say is WHAAATTT?!??!

October was a month of many first. 
It was a good month. 
It was a fun will be missed...but  
I have been waiting for you all year long! 
I love it. 
Holiday's are the absolute best and 
I just can't wait to get all of the Holiday cheer going. 

In October we got haircuts, went to fall festivals, went trick or treating and ate...

What did you do this month?? 

::Costume 411::
Santi's costume is from Target: they are pj's and slippers and the mask was a birthday present from his Grandma Martha and Grandpa Ricardo. 
Cami's costume was a Pintrest Inspired creation. :)

This is my finished costume and my model...Cami <3 p="p">

Headband= feathers and headband from Hobby Lobby about $5.00
Tu-tu=Tulle and Ribbon from Hobby Lobby about $10.00
Shirt=Fringe from Hobby Lobby about $2.00 & shirt from Walmart about $5.00
Boots= Tights from Walmart about $5.00 & boots from Target about $15 added some fringe from shirt. 
Custom Made Halloween Costume=Priceless <3 p="p">

Happy First Day of November Ya'll!

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