Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{On Letting Yourself Go...} #embracingwhoiam

First off...Luke Bryan... love.

Yesterday, I wrote about my constant battle with weight and my self-love and confidence.

These days, I stay home. I am usually in jeans, chanclas, or tennis shoes, a t-shirt.... hair pulled back..no make-up and a smile. I love my life. I love my children. I love my Husband. But, some days, I don't feel like dressing up and feeling fabulous BUT I realize the importance of it.


I know who I am and what I look like on a daily basis and I value the importance of self-image and looking good for yourself and for your Hubby. I have some pretty amazing women in my life and as I looked through my Facebook the other day I saw so many beautiful girls and thought...I can be as put together as them...I just have to make the time and the effort. It's important and I realize it now more than ever.

Being at home with kids all day can make me a very grumpy Momma like person. I don't want that for myself..or my family and especially not my children and Hubby. I love them too much so I should show myself some love and not just feel fit and healthy but LOOK fit and healthy.

Trust me it's a constant up and down feeling and it's not always easy for me.

I try.

I will continue to seek that place where I can just be me and be happy but I don't want to settle for anything less than my best. I loved this past weekend. I got to dress up and go out with my Hubby. I felt amazing. I felt great.

The song above just made me ask myself the question...DO I? And, I know I do, I just need to be more consistent with it all!

So many middle aged emotions tugging at my heart this week.... oh the woes of being 31... 32 in June! It's been a ride and I am ready to take it to the next level!

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