Monday, December 3, 2012

{Weekend Adventure!}

It's Monday! 

Happy Monday to all. 

Last week I discovered that my Hubby's 16 year old Cousin, Miss. Dani,  
knew how to use Photoshop and that she has taken some pretty good pictures of my kids. 

So, I proposed that her and I go out on a little Christmas adventure.... 

She became my photographer and I got some pretty good picture of the kids and I! 

Here is some of her work! 












By the way..I realized that being a Photographer is NOT easy and definitely NOT my strong point, HA. It was hot, the kids were fussy and yeah..I am not as patient as I think myself to be when it come to these things....but we did well and I am so proud of Danielle for all her hard work and for ALWAYS putting up with all my crazy ideas and us.
Did you have a good weekend? What little adventures did you participate in?


Dã Quỳ said...

Santi & Camli are so adorable! Love the hugging pix.

hugs & kisses!!!!

We are missing you!!!!

Maribel said...

Gorgeous pictures. Great thinking by you and great work by the photographer.

Unknown said...

Your photographs are beautiful, as are your little ones! Que felicidad. :-)

Unknown said...

These photos are beautiful! I love all the smiles!!

Unknown said...

cuties!!! I love love love the one of them hugging there is nothing better than sibling love. I love that about my kids being so close in age! Beautiful post!

Unknown said...

Your two little love bugs look adorable in these pictures. The pictures came out GREAT. Thank you for sharing. These pictures make me crave a second child. I love all the sibling love going around in them. :)

Mama Harris said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! The ones in the wagon are absolutely precious! They all came out wonderfully, gorgeous photos!