Friday, December 7, 2012

{Blah-ness & a Girls Lunch} ♥

I don't ever want my Blog to be overwhelming or's never been my intention to just write....whether my purpose was to learn to write or share my everyday life it was never intended to be fake or meaningless and without purpose....with that said. 

This week I went through a bit of a BLAH moment. I am sure you have had those weeks. Where you just don't want to do, be, or write. I have them and I take advantage of them to think, to recollect, to regroup, and to just be. The weather in Houston has been "icky" for lack of a better word. This week we had kind of a gloomy start with clouds, rain and a blueish silver tone to the sky. No? Maybe it was just me. When the weather is "blue", I get BLAH. It's not fun. "Blame it on the rain...."{no pun intended. Haha.}

I am sure I have written about my down moments in the past and really I don't think it's a bad thing. I think a little break and a melodramatic meltdown are in order to write heartfelt and genuine posts!

I think....

Needless to say. This week was really exciting and definitely a productive one! {But, Now I have some Blogging to catch up...don't be surprised if I double up on post this weekend!}

Not only did I finish putting my Christmas tree up but I finished washing laundry...does anyone want to come over and fold it and put it away for me? Hahaha. {BTW. I am adding some Ha's as opposed to my regular. Ha. Because apparently my Hubby has been reading my Blog and he doesn't like the way my ONE Ha. READS. Critics, I tell ya'....Ha. Ha.}


By Thursday I had done so much that I took on a little extra "task" which I will write about in another post..just because the topic is very near and dear to my heart. And, this morning I thought a girls lunch would be a nice treat! So, I headed out to Northside Houston, to meet up with some good friends that I used to work with... I have only been gone from work for about 2 months and it feels like forever!!! We went to one of our favorite places....Teotihuacan. We had an awesome time and the food was YUMMA!!

My friend Pam, gave my Cami and my friend Christina's daughter Celeste some SOAP. It's not just any soap and as soon as I have the information I will totally give it to you. Because not only are they super cute soaps, they smell good and are made from the best products. I can't wait to get more information. Pam's Son and Daughter-in-Law make them...I thought it was a very thoughtful and creative gift! The girls loved it.  I have some pretty amazing friends!!!

And, now since I figured Flickr out...some pictures! Yay!








En grandes platicas....


Camila's awesome gift! So, creative and crafty!!! Love it!!!! {The website for the soaps is:} Enjoy!!!!



Unknown said...

I love Cami's outfit, especially her little boots! Your tree is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

How fun! The girls are so cute! Nothing better than catching up and having awesome food and company!

Sabz said...

love the tree, you did a great job decorating it! your girls are too cute!

Unknown said...

I love all your decorations! I love the poinsettias in front of your fire place. Will have to borrow that idea for next year. :D

The soaps look so cute. Can't wait to hear about them :)

Dã Quỳ said...

You guys go to lunch without me ?? ....hic ..hic .....That's not fair!