Friday, January 4, 2013

On finding my Dream Career......

What I learned about myself and about being a Stay-@-HomeMomma....yes, I know it's only been about 3 months but trust me, I have learned my lessons well..

Right now. It's not the best thing for us..."you see the way my bank account is set up"...totally had to throw that in there...

First of all, the cleaning and laundry is NEVER ever, ever, ever done. Simple as that. It isn't. That's all. I mean before I had the excuse of; I worked 8{plus} hours today you expect this house to be spotless... now, I have uhm some excuses but really none. So, my theory is we should as Stay-@-HomeMomma's have like a Cleaning Fairy or something, one who comes in at night, cleans it all up and allows you to sleep 8{plus} hours and be all cute and dressed up during the day. No? Not happening? Yeah, I didn't think so. All, I have got to say is... if your home is spotless and you have 2 toddlers at home either you come to my house and help me out or you must not live with people who sleep standing up, don't produce waste, or who don't eat, wear clothes or play with toys. Just sayin'! {not a rant, just a Momma observation}

Secondly. YES,  My kids need me and my care and love. But, they have that regardless of me staying at home and as much as I count, say the ABCs and read to them....they need professional structure, instruction and learning tools.{I think.} Because, let's get this right, being a teacher; at home or in a school, is a gift. A talent that one is given with patience and a true passion for well, teaching. I for one, was NOT granted that kind of awesome gift, I barely made it through High School and College. Don't get me wrong, I am not dumb, I just don't feel qualified to be my children's teacher. Maybe later in life but for now, I would rather leave it up to the professionals. Who at my Son's daycare are AWESOME. I trust them and have faith that their daily instruction has done a lot for Santiago's daily structure and routine. Yes, it's a cost but it's worth it. Not to mention his speech and language have improved tremendously.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love. I adore. I live for my children. But, part of achieving my 2013 goals, personal and on many other levels is discovering what my true talents and gifts are. I love being at home and I think I do a good job but there are areas where I know that I would be of better help if I assisted rather than led. Simply said, being a Stay@HomeMomma is a gift that I have not fully developed yet. I know MANY awesome Stay@HomeMomma's but now I can honestly's not totally for me.

The Dream's what I am after and seeking. It's what I am learning about myself and gaining confidence for each day. I believe that God has brought me here to this place not only to help me discover who I am but also where He thinks I would be of greater use for His purpose in my life. I am after it everyday from now on.

Now you may recall that I left my Full-time employment due to a full blown panic attack..well don't get me wrong, I am not easily taken, and I have done a lot as far as work goes, I just needed a break. I worked for over 4 years many jobs and through pregnancies and illness to help my Hubby get through school. It was my turn to relax for a bit and I have. And, now I will seek a job that will BETTER fit not only the financial needs of my family but one that has a better work to life balance and more suiting schedule for us. I know it's out there and it may take some time, but I know that God will lead me there in His timing. I trust and have faith in His love and His timing for my family.
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