Friday, January 4, 2013

{Side tracked on LIFE...} & Giveaway Winners!

{Post was written last night around 2:30am}

My brain is on fire! RIGHT NOW. I have a million and ONE posts on my mind and I can't get through one....Ahii no! Creative overload....

Ok. Deep breath.

Here is how this is going to go down. It's late. I want my bed  but everyone is asleep and I must write, type or talk to myself because the silence....well it totally kills me. Any-who. Life. 2013. ORGANIZATION.

Everyone was doing these post about goals, and inspirations boards and I was like "Hola 2013" and now I feel like a total nut job...I am an over-thinker. An over achiever. I guess. I love to do. I love to write. I love to say that I will write about it and then do

So, I took pen to paper...yes Ari, Pen to paper... Ariana is this super awesome techie {or is it techy} friend of mine who laughs when I say pen and paper... but any who. I wrote them down, my initial goals for 2013 from Faith to my Casa, they all got a page... I am happy now. My mind is kinda sorta at rest but ready to tackle something on the list! We shall see what gets done first, but for now writing it all done.

Thank you.


And! Pay close attention here!
Liz from E Creations {yes check her out if you have not already} and myself set out to get her 250 fans, we have now reached and gone beyond that goal! It was awesome! We virtually high-fived and then picked some GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!! Yay!!!!!!

E Creations Fan: Crystal Briones  
 Momma of Dos Reader: Adrienne Elizondo 


{Ladies: In order to claim your prize you should contact myself and Liz through our Facebook Fan page messaging at your earliest convenience!}

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