Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{Withdrawl Symptoms}

So, it seems these days all of my stories begin with... "my son...." he broke the T.V. screen, he broke my external drive, and now he broke my computer! Single handedly my 3 year old powerhouse of a son has broken all these I upset? Sure. Kind of..but he is so cute these things are totally material and most my data is either on this Blog, on my Facebook or some kind of external data gather-er, thing-a-ma-bob. I am horrible, being that I am a "social media/thechy guru" I have  no laptop and I have no other backup's.

Most people are probably cringing at the thought that I have no laptop, or I-Pad or blah blah...Ha. Ha. I have a smart phone only since about November and that's my life line right now, oh yes and this laptop that I have thankfully borrowed from my Aunt who is living with us... THANK YOU TIA!!! HA.

Until I get my computer fixed I will attempt to stay connected and in the loop with all that we have going on...I started my annual Rodeo volunteer work, I am sure I have several product reviews pending and job interviews to follow-up on! Ahi. How will I make it through the week. I am praying that SOME of my data can be recovered and that not all is lost, we do need a new computer but I need my old one to survive!

We shall see... in the mean time PLEASE be patient with me!




Unknown said...

Awww, we are gonna miss you! I hope you get your computer fixed or get a new one!

You just can't be mad at the little ones. My daughter killed my computer but at the end of the day, I was like whatever... she didn't mean to do it. LOl

Unknown said...

I couldn't live without a computer - I don't know how you are doing it!!! XOXO

Unknown said...

You are missed amiga! Hope you can salvage something off your computer.

Connie Leon said...

LADIES!!! Thank you for missing :) It didn't last I borrowed a laptop and slowly I am warming up to it and I heard I should get my computer back soon!! :)