Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Orgullosa} A Community of Strong Latinas


When I hear the word "Orgullosa", I can't help but laugh. Yes, literally out loud. You see; when my Hubby and I first got married and we would go back to his parent's house to visit them, his GrandMother, whom he lived with alongside his parents would say... "Orgulloso, Presumido! Ya no nos vienes a ver!" They would make fun that since he now had a home of his own he was too proud and stuck-up to visit them in their humble home. In reality, my Hubby was and has always been very close to his Grandparents. It was all in good fun, and the term was used loosely.

Which, was not far from what I grew up thinking the term was or meant, which was that being "orgullosa" {or orgulloso} was a bad thing. You see when I was young, my upbringing taught me to be humble and to never feel superior to others, but to make sure to accomplish just as much or more through hard-work and dedication. As a Hispanic/Latina in the U.S. it would be the only way to prove myself and to redeem my parents transgression into this country.

Then I grew up, not ever in the best of circumstances or situations but I grew up. I went to school and graduated college and have been a part of established and well-known organizations. Not only did I graduate college and become a hard-working Mexican-American Citizen; I later became a Wife to a student who just last year also obtained his college degree and during that time I also became a Momma of Dos, hence the Blog, constant sharing and story telling.

And, though I know that we are far from being where we want to be or that we are anywhere near obtaining all of what we know we can achieve, I am VERY orgullosa. For many reason, not just of how far I have come and where I stand but how far my family as a whole has gone and where we are yet to go. While, we must always humble ourselves and treat everyone with equal and growing respect, I now know that the more I grow as an individual and the more I learn as a human being, the term ORGULLOSA more clearly represents what I have become. Orgullosa of my achievements and accomplishments as the daughter to Mexican Immigrant parents. Orgullosa of my growth and experiences as a college educated Mexican-American professional. Orgullosa of my life and everyday work as a dedicated and humble Wife and Momma of Dos. Orgullosa of my Mexican roots, culture and heritage. Orgullosa of who I am, who I have become and who I want to be. Not only as a person in general but as a Momma, as a Wife, as a Daughter, an Hermana and Amiga, as a Professional and Visionary and as a Writer and a Parenting/Lifestyle Blogger!

To me the word Orgullosa has turned into my confidence! But, I have not done it alone. I have worked alone but I have had a amazing community of support always by my side. Whether my community consisted of one family member or a group of fellow Parent/Lifestyle Bloggers, always a community to back me up, to guide me or to help me in my time of need! 

I encourage all young Hispanic Women to be orgullosas of who they are and to strive to be more than anyone would ever imagine them to be! To be confident and bold in who they want to become. To never allow what terms "should" mean to hold them back. To wear their orgullo with honor and confidence in what they have achieved. 

As Latinas/Hispanas it's a challenge to find our place in this ever growing market. I know that my biggest inspiration has come from watching my Momma work day in and day out as a housekeeper. Her words and her hard-work and dedication to her family has been my motivation to go beyond the expectations of others and this world. I seek everyday to be stronger and to be Blessed in everything that I do and how I go about doing it. I find it important to seek our talents and our inspirations in our everyday, in our families, and in our immediate surroundings. In our communities whether they be in person or through social media!

Which is why I encourage all of my fellow Women with Orgullo to visit www.orgullosa.com and to follow Orgullosa on Facebook {http://ow.ly/gMpy0 } as well as to join the Orgullosa community {http://goo.gl/J7KDV} !! 

Only as a united group or community will we increase the amount of women who can be Orgullosas and confident in their accomplishments, NO matter how big or how small. We should learn to encourage one another and be able to share what we have done that makes us so ORGULLOSAS! Orgullosas not only of who we are but also where we come from!!!

Confiansa y Orgullo! Let's wear it proud Orgullosas! 

Please be sure to visit the sites below!!! A great community filled with "Mujeres con la Falda Bien Puesta" are there ready to share their most proud moments with us, to inspire and motivate us to do and be more!!! 


Website: http://ow.ly/gMpuf 
Facebook: http://ow.ly/gMpy0 
Join the Community: http://goo.gl/J7KDV

Momma Disclosure: This is a compensated post and was written in partnership with Orgullosa.com and Niche Mommy Network & ConferenceThe above statements are both my true and honest opinions.


Sabz said...

this is so great. your mom sounds like such an inspiration!!

Connie Leon said...

Thank You Sabz! She truly is!!! :)

Unknown said...

awww, I love post that allow me a little more insight into who you are. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate and love learning a little about you a little at a time. :)

Tara said...

I loved your post! Love learning more about my fellow blogueras. I'm definitely gonna go follow Orgullosa on Facebook...right now! Un abrazo amiga.

Connie Leon said...

Thank you ladies!!!! For all your support and LOVE!!!! :)