Friday, March 15, 2013

Is it really MARCH?!? {Friday Letters}

{Hello, Hello Beautiful Sunny Friday}


I have missed a few of you now but not today! Guess what the sun in back in Houston and this Momma is happy! No more Winter Blues... they were so BLAH!

{Dear Friday!}
WHOA! REALLY? The week is over! I was busy... inspired and filled with faith. Thank you for a good week!

{Dear MARCH,}
Why Hello Hello there..... Ha.

{Dear Computer,}
You have been gone but I got word on your well being and you will be home soon, I missed you. I will treat you better and there are FULL Spa days waiting for you when you come back!

{Dear Hubby and Kids,}
I love you. Lots. More than you know. I am Blessed to have you and I appreciate your undying love, day in and day out. Your support and understanding mean the world to me. You are the best... Los quiero.

{Dear God,}
You are my everything! I praise you for the way you have provided for our little family. Times have been difficult  but I see the change coming and it's amazing...  Thank you. THANK YOU \0/

{Dear Blog,}
I think I am back! Hugs! I missed you!!

{Dear Macklemore,}
Because of you... I "only got twenty dolla's in my pocket!"......and "I look in.cre.di.ble."..cause yes... "I wear your grand-dad's clothes!"... HA. I love that song!!!

{Dear Long-distance Amigas that I have met through the awesomeness of Social Media,} Thank you for your constant presence and beautiful inspiration through your Blogs, your posts, your comments, your Facebook friendship and support groups! You have no idea the impact that you are making in my life and the friendship and cariño that is growing inside of my heart! Thank you. Thank you so much!

{DEAR WEEK!} THANK YOU...You've have brought me new inspiration and light... my soul is lifted and my heart is open...

Have an AMAZING weekend ya'll!

Sincerely y con mucho cariño,
This Momma

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Unknown said...

It makes me smile to know you had a good week! Yay!

Oh and WHOOO HOOO to your computer coming back soon. YAY!!!!

Happy Weekend Amiga! :)