Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Kemah~Spring Break 2013} Locally Inspired...Kinda

Funny how at times inspiration to do more locally comes from 1,523 miles away... trust me, I Googled it. 

My Social Media-Cali-Amiga from Raised by Culture, Xenia... said to me....after I posted about being in an "inspiration rut"....

 "Connie - I'm a huge fan of bloggers that talk about local stuff, I especially loved your taco truck post and when you went to Sam Moon... are there other local things you can share?"    

To which my local wheels starting spinning... 

Now every time I step outside I think local

First was the Rodeo... which this year we opted out of with the kiddos... as much fun as Rodeo is and can be... uhm not so much for a 3 and 2 year old, waiting in line and big crowds are a bit overwhelming for adults so you can only image for TWO-terrible two-er/horrible three-er-Toddlers... it was fussville last year and not-so-fun-ville for Momma and Daddy... 

Therefore, for our first day of Spring Break, even though our kids don't go to school, my Hubby took the day off and took his little family OUT! To enjoy a day together and the somewhat good Houston weather... we went to a little place about 45 minutes from our home...called Kemah! The Kemah Boardwalk to be exact.... 

Places like this in Houston remind me of why I am such a city slicker, who lives in the suburbs, ha.ha. I love the city, I hated working in it but I love all of the amazing surrounding areas of Houston. It's truly a place that has grown in the last 14 years since I arrived here to start college, whoa, that makes me sound way old! Way. Moving on... 

Kemah. It has the best of the best; rides for truly all ages and levels of heart-attack desired... and then of coarse, who can go wrong with amazing seafood! I love the concept of building little cities within and/or around a bigger city! It gives you a sense of adventure at only about 45 minutes away. You don't spend much on gas or overnight stays and you get to enjoy a fun filled day of amusement without ever leaving home. 

Here is some of what we did on our first day of Spring Break 2013.. 







It was a Blessed day, the kids had a blast and my Hubby and I loved it. No stress, no long lines and HUGE smiles on everyone's face! 

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Unknown said...

Looks like the perfect day. And the perfect place for the kiddos. They looked so relaxed and like they had a blast. Thank you for sharing. :D