Friday, March 1, 2013

{Speech} Therapy/Evaluation

Hi. My name is Connie. I write at this here Blog. And, I can't believe it's MARCH. WOW.

{WELCOME! BIENVENIDOS! To all the new Momma readers and Facebook friends!!!}

I know. I have been SUPER M.I.A. Reason's Rodeo time here in Houston {I volunteer...lots.} and both the kids were in a wedding last month {which kept us busy, somewhat} for my Hubby's little "LITTLE" 20-something year old cousin. She is a great gal and my part-time helper... we love her, I have lots of pictures to share but am being lazy.

We also attempted our own little Valentine's Day Photo-shoot in February... which because of uncooperative children who fuss and fuss and oh yes. FUSS! And, also in part because of this BLAH-UGH Houston weather, may or may not have been a success. Those may also be posted soon. I know. So much.


Let's start here:

Santiago was recommended to a Speech Evaluation last year in July. The Speech evaluation or Speech therapist rather, recommend Speech Therapy or Daycare/School-Social Setting. At the time. I was working. LOTS. Ricardo had just started a new job and we got news that he would leave to UTAH for 3 weeks. Therefore, Santiago was placed in daycare and unfortunately we never got it together to do the actual Speech Therapy. That was yes, 7 months ago.

Fast forward to October, I became a Stay@HomeMomma! {Yay me!} In, December we decided that both the kids would stay home with me. I was only staying home with my 2 year old daughter before then. Around that time. I noticed Santiago had developed a stutter... I again initiated a Speech Evaluation visit. He finally had his visit last week Monday.

The result. We have a "genius" on our hands! Hahaha. Well kinda-sorta. First off the Speech Therapist was EXTREMELY impressed with Santiago's capability to understand BOTH Spanish and English on and above his age level. Santiago was tested at a speech age range from 2 years old to 7 years old. Out of 120 questions, Santiago answered 113 correct. Not only was the therapist impressed with his Bilingual levels but also with the fact that 7 months ago he was only speaking in one or two word sentences and in a short time this boy can basically talk up a storm. She was in other words...pretty much blown away.

Final result. Santiago's stutter is probably a result of the complex Spanish and English language that he is learning and capable of understanding. The therapist suggested that we ignore the stutter and reward his good speech patterns as well as continue to speak to him in BOTH Spanish and English. I will say this. He mostly answered all the questions in English, so I think that the Spanish will increase in our home since he is learning English in almost every other aspect of his life.

I love my little man. He is an awesome little boy and although he is a troublemaker busybody... he is just growing so much and learns something new everyday. He may not always say the right thing but he definitely has a voice all his own... ha. ha. ha.

It's Friday. First day of March. Promise I will try to be around more this month... so much to share!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Unknown said...

Awesome! Glad he is doing great! It is a great thing he understand both languages especially at his age. You guys are doing great with him keep up the great work!