Friday, May 17, 2013

{Material Girl in an Industrial World}

I am a Momma of many words. My brain over loads and at times I don't know if, how, when, or what to express but I do; in hopes that someone will be moved, motivated, or inspired to share their stories.
I am no SuperMomma nor do I pretend to be. I fail. A lot. In many, many, did I say many, areas of my life. I do. I cuss, I throw fits and I have melt-downs. Small ones. Big ones. Overly dramatic ones. But still, I move on.
It's been 11 days since my last post. So much has happened in those 11 days this Momma received a job offer, and I then proceeded to about 7 days of approving, document signing, drug screening, background screening, I think even credit screening. As well as re-enrolling my children into daycare. {A whole other post all it's own.} Then days of mental, physical and emotional preparation happened. Trust me the last 11 days have been busy for us.
Our home and hearts have been buzzing. Now notice, I haven't mentioned the words "dream job" I think in one of my last posts I mentioned, obtaining the right job for the right now. What is going on right now, is only what is right for now. I have a lot of faith in my decisions and my Hubby and I have discussed them thoroughly and it's what is best for us. There is plenty of time for dreams to come true.... plenty of room for growth.
For now my motivation are my Hubby's words. He says to me days after I accepted my new job offer... "all of the sudden the possibilities seem endless...." {as he stares at a 60 plus inch flat screen, blah-blah-blah at Target} and they do. He is my biggest support, my biggest cheer leader. We have faith in one another.
{About the job}
I don't usually speak too much about work. Work is work and because the world wide web is a public place I trend to keep certain information private. I will say this. I am in a whole new industry. I have become a material girl in an industrial world. Literally. It will be a new experience and one that I have been prepping for, for some time now. I am really enjoying the change of scenery. It's close to a lot of things and I love it.
I do feel super girly being in this mostly male dominated environment but it looks like it will be fun. I am excited. Did I say that already. Ha.
I hope all the Momma's had a great day last weekend and I will be back soon with not so many words and some pictures! You can also follow me on Instagram for a picture overload @mommaofdos or head on over to our facebook page ::HERE::


Unknown said...

So many exciting changes. So happy for you! I hope you love your job, and that you all settle into a nice routine. :)

Unknown said...

I loved catching up on your new job! I too work outside of the home and it can be tough. Weekly meal planning helps me lots! Have a great day!

Maribel L. said...

Congrats on the new job and on managing the preparations to go back to work, no easy feat!