Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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Houston is filled with so many vibrant cultures and traditions. I of coarse love the Mexican {Hispanic/Latino} traditions. One that I want my children to learn about is El Dia de Los Muertos. It's not only a great way to learn more about our family history but also appreciate life as a whole. 

El Dia de los Muertos is traditionally celebrated by placing items at the deceased family members grave site or tomb. Not only bringing food offerings that the family member liked but also those things that you believe he or she would enjoy on this day. The altars are created with festive colors, fresh fruits and homemade dishes as well as pictures and personal items that belonged to the deceased; as a way to remember the life that this person lead while they were still among us. The belief is that on November 2nd your loved ones spirit returns to sit and enjoy those items brought to their grave site. 

It's difficult now to show my children this exact replica since most my family is buried in Reynosa, Tamaulipas and Cuernavaca, Morelos. I hope that one day they can accompany me to Mexico where we can fully celebrate life and honor those who have left our lives but still live deep within our hearts. 

On this day I remember not only one but several Woman who have some how impacted my life. From my father's family; my Grandmother Soccorro who passed away a couple of week before my 14th birthday, my Tia Lucy {My Dad's Sister} who passed away when I was a Senior in H.S., and my Tia Angelica {even her name means Angel} who passed away when I was 21. From my Mom's family; my Great Grandmother whom I was ultimately named after Maria del Consuelo and my Tia Nieves both whom passed away long before I was born and my Tia Lola our most recent loss she was a amazing woman of great faith and great impact in her family and community. Along with, my Great Grandfather Titos who passed away at 99 years old and several uncles.

From my Husband's family and someone that my kids will learn a lot about is his Grandfather, Don Victor, who passed away 9 months before we found out we would have our first baby. My Husband was very close to his Grandfather and he is someone who was very important to him. 

Next year I think we will create an altar. My children are more aware of their surroundings these days and the questions flow like clock-work. I know they will learn from the experience and enjoy creating an altar. In the mean time for the second year in a row we visited Meca for their annual Altar Exhibit. The colors, the items brought forth, the history and lost loved ones remembered just fill me with knowledge of how deep and rich our culture is. As well as how fragile and short life can be. 

Meca will also have their Calavera Rendezvous Fundraiser this Friday November 1st from 7 to 11pm and then their Dia de Los Muertos Festival on Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd this event is free and open to the public! Great way to explore Houston and find out more about El Dia de Los Muertos' history. Please visit their website for more information on all of the upcoming festivities.

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