Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{Blogging?} Que es Eso?

It's what I feel like the last couple of months if it weren't for my deadlines over at  Houston Mom's Blog and Houston Latina Bloggers ,I probably wouldn't be writing at all.

It's been busy and now it's cold so I have excuses. Ha.

{It's funny but when tough times come not many are around, it helps you appreciate the silence and those who are willing to not only listen but help when help is needed. The last few weeks have been difficult because you know Life is that way sometimes. I don't like to complain {but I do, I am human right? Definitely try to change this...daily.}, I don't like to "over-share" my troubles {as funny as that may sound, considering I have a blog and am all over all the social media sites.} and I don't tend to dwell {at least not anymore} on people, situations or thoughts.}

These days, what happened today. Well it pretty much stays there. My children and my Hubby need me on a day to day basis. They hear me out and I move on.

With that said. Life is busy and complicated some days. I can't promise much but I will say this...feel free to look around, check out my Facebook page I am there daily! We have a neat daily post going on right now; our November Thankful countdown to Thanksgiving where we share what we are thankful for on a daily basis.

I also have the following sites where you can follow me and keep up to date on what is going on with us:


{ I don't believe life was meant to be easy, if not what fun would that be...every day can be a challenge but overcoming those challenges are not only adventures but definitely worth it. A learning experience in every moment good or bad.}

~Just sayin'

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Candy said...

Staying busy is a good thing.. Makes you appreciate those moments when you realize there's nothing to do or going on. :) Enjoy the busy time! :)