Thursday, April 3, 2014

::3 Year Old Letter to Camila Isabel::

A week ::and 2 days:: ago, yes I am late, my tiny princess turned 3!

A letter I wrote to Cami on her 3rd Birthday.... 

Today you turn 3, when I look at you I see a tiny teenager filled with innocence and pure-heartedness. Your eyes are always seeking more and your laugh is so genuine and filled with life and joy. You can be a perfect princess and a tantrum throwing 3 year old all at once. I see attitude and sweetness. One day you might not want me to be around you but remember that I spent endless, sleepless nights cleaning your butt and puke off my shirt. You will owe me some quality time young lady! You are definitely worth it. 

I don’t know how many more years will pass before I can no longer carry you to bed or before you no longer want me to but for now I know that it's one of my most favorite times of the day. Not only because the whirlwind of constant action that you and your brother create, temporarily rests but also because of the moment.  I pick you up usually from the couch and you always wrap your skinny sweaty arms around my neck and place your  tiny clammy hands on my cheek. Those tiny hands are a beautiful reminder that nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. 

Your favorite movie right now is Despicable Me 2, the “funny one with Lucy”, you say. You love the purple Minions and your birthday party had to be minion filled you walked around the day before saying…”BLAH!” and sticking your tongue out just like the minions do.

You can talk forever and a day, much like myself. You love medicine and feel “sick” on a daily basis. Mostly for the drama. And, because you don’t like school/daycare much. Your Dad somehow believes you everyday. Everyday.

Your brother is your world, you want to be like him, you want to play with him and some days if you are lucky he lets you breath the same air as him.

You are sensitive. A lot. But, don’t let that fool you because I have seen you be tough. You can stand your ground when needed and can be a bit stubborn at times. You get your way sometimes. Keep on. You will need a little of all these traits to become a great leader. Which as Bossy-McBossy in our home you usually take the lead.  

You are super girly more than me, I have no make-up because you get a hold of it and make it your own. You love company and are such a social butterfly. You speak and we listen. You are beautiful in so many ways, remember that everyday. Never allow this world to tell you otherwise. 

You despise brushing your hair. You have a frantic look most days but it suits your cute little face and trust me it never phases you....ever. 

You are complex and so simple. You are always happy and your imagination is growing daily.

You make silly faces, the funnier the better, you like your brother are very animated and you are a happy girl.

You love to model and as soon as your Dad stats playing... "Applause" by Lady Gaga your hands meet your hips and you start walking, waving, spinning and blowing kisses. It's the best.

Your favorite song is Royals by Lorde. You love it. You sing it.

You complete our lives and shine light and happiness into our family. You are an amazing daughter who yes can be a bit stubborn and demanding but you are also filled with hugs and so much LOVE. You have learned to pray for all of us, everyday.

You are a Daddy's girl, your every word steals his heart, he calls you "piernitas" because since the day you were born you made a pact with him that you would never have long legs, but you do. Keeps him on his toes, for years to come I am sure....

You still drink from a "Titi" (bottle) you are obsessed, you carry 3 at a time. You are a bottle hoarder.

I love sitting and watching you talk. Your thoughts are always so insightful, you question those things that I as an adult, never think to question. I love that.

Happy Birthday Camila. You are our world. We LOVE you so much!
Momma, Daddy and Santi. 


Dã Quỳ said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday, Camila! You're such a sweet, adorable girl!

Auntie Du-Ha

Unknown said...

Wow Connie, this beautiful letter that you wrote to your daughter almost made me cry. It reminds me of my emotions and thoughts as I see my two kids grow. ;)

Unknown said...
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