Friday, April 4, 2014

::Mocktail:: #mommafitness

Hello Hello Happy Friday!!! ::JUMPING FOR JOY::

One of my most favorite things about Friday's is yes, HAPPY HOUR! But, sometimes I can't actually go out and have a Margarita....or it's noon on a Saturday! Ha. So, I was so happy to discover this awesome mock-tail with a little Momma Twist in Men's Fitness

I recreated it and it's so simple. 

I first made a simple half glass of lemonade; 1/2 glass of water, squeezed about 2 limes in it and added sugar to taste (you can use Splenda no worries). 

Then I added half a glass of mineral water and  a couple of fresh mint leaves and ice! I let it all settle in and cool for about 5 minutes. And, PRESTO!  {I then had to make a small pitcher of it for my Hubby} 

The most refreshing NON-Alcoholic drink for all Momma's to enjoy! I loved it!!! 

Hope you enjoy a mock-tail or two today! 

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Unknown said...

Sounds Yummy! Hope you're having a great weekend!