Friday, August 15, 2014

::Friday Letters:: are back!!

::Friday Letters::

Dear Friday, THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! Can I get an AMEN! ::NO really:: I decided on Monday that I would start my Friday Letters again and for some reason Friday took forever to get here!! Longest week ever!! Hellooooo Friday!!!

Dear Hubby, Thank you for your support this week. And, every week. Even though I gripe and complain. And, blah and ahhh. Oh yeah and Grrrrrrrr and GRRRRRR all week long. I don’t mean it. Ever. You are awesome. You love me. You support my crazy last minute ideas and this here blog and you don’t judge me. Except for when I leave the milk open and when I do the whole laughing thing online like this… haha. Ha.

Dear Kids, I might say you are pain in my butt all week but I love you. You are a bit of a pain but it comes with the whole…”Santiago/Camila, I am your Momma“ thing. I love you more than words. Everything I do, I do it with our future in mind, your wellbeing and your college fund. Just sayin’. You are kind of expensive, BUT you are worth it and I pray you are smart. Just sayin’!!

Dear Summer, WOOOOOOHHHH! You have been BUSY but a TRUE blessing! Every experience has been taken in, embraced and written about on my blog or social media sites. I know people are tired of me but that’s ok. I have a purpose. I have a goal. I am driven. My vision becomes clear with every step. My motivation and inspiration grows with every new opportunity given. Thank you Summer you have been extra GOOD to me, my PayPal account thanks you! ::wink wink::

Dear Life, don’t allow me to reach the top and if I do knock me back down, bring me back to my roots, remind me of why I started this and WHO I started this for. Allow me to remain humble but proud of my accomplishments and limit my cockiness so that people don’t hate me. And, if they do hate me, oh well, I can’t please everyone. Just sayin’! At the end of the day solo hay un camino y ese camino es para adelante!!

Dear Friends, Family, Acquaintances and New Friends and Business Relationships, THANK YOU for believing, for supporting, for taking a risk with me. Hugs and positive vibes to you all!!

Dear Universe, BRING IT ON! ::closes eyes tightly and waits to be hit by the universe:: Ha. I am thinking it all up in a dream and then putting it out there in the universe and being brave and having the courage to take off. And, believing in myself! I will take you on. Some days I know I will fall flat on my face with my words, action and personality but other days I hope to conquer you, learn and continue to grow!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s on the books for your Friday??

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