Thursday, August 14, 2014

{La Pulga} #northsidehouston

So, let me keep it real for you. And, I mean real.

My parents are Mexican. So am I.

Ever since I can remember,especially from my memories living here in Houston, my parents have never been "fancy eaters". We have always been simple. And, yes we have always enjoyed the Pulga {or Flea Market}.

Here in Houston there is no doubt that one of the most aged flea markets is the "Airline Flea Market" which has many other names or references but that's how I know it. La Pulga de la Airline.

It's unique Mexican style Tianguis setup and authentic food, music and atmosphere really makes me feel comfortable and not quite in Mexico but at least close to it.

I have always loved Houston for this very reason, no matter how far we are from the Mexican border we somehow have managed to recreate many Mexican classics in a very "American" city. Places like the Mercado and the Panaderia are also some of my favorites also interestingly enough located on Airline.

Northside Houston is where I grew up, so I was no stranger to these places. Now that I am a adult with children of my own, we opted for living a bit outside of the city and in a more "rural" location. But, that doesn't keep us from our favorite places in town. We visit at least 2 or 3 times a month or as often as we visit my Mom and Dad at their home, which sometimes is every weekend.

My kids have been exposed to all types of food, places and people and they too  are no strangers to these where-abouts. We love it because while it's not fully authentic in location it's very similar and teaches our kids a lot about different Mexican traditions and really a lot about how my Hubby and I grew up.  

What about you? What are some favorite places that you feel are authentic to your roots and that you want your children to grow up with?

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