Monday, September 15, 2014

:: 4th Annual Total Beauty Expo:: GIVEAWAY!!!

Every once in a while you meet amazing women who support you and on are on a similar mission as yours. This happened last month when I attended the Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference. Event organizer and so many of the attendees just opened their arms, hearts and lives to me and are really making an impact in my life. Since in that instance I was sponsored to attend, I now want to pay it forward and give some of my readers the opportunity to attend their next event.

        I have not 1 but 3 tickets to giveaway for their upcoming Total Beauty Expo in October

                                                       4th Annual Total Beauty Expo
                                             October 25th from 1-6pm (VIP 12-6pm)
                                                CWA Local 6222 Banquet Hall 

                                                                 Houston Texas

                               They have so many great features: 
                                                          A Pink Shoe Contest
                                                             Fashion Show
                                                         and so much more.... 


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