Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Ever since I was a little girl I remember dreaming of my Quince. I was very blessed to have this traditional celebration that these days can be lost with new generations. It doesn't have to be an expensive or as extravagant of an event as it is now, something that simply honors the tradition works just fine. I personally love the traditional and cultural value that it holds. It's a tradition that I hope one day my daughter wants to celebrate. 

Ever since both my children were born I have attempted to instill in them our Mexican {American} culture and heritage as well as traditions and customs. Not just so that we know we are Mexican and that yes we are very different from most, but so that they can learn the meaning behind these traditions and why they are special to us. 

As a Quinceañera I remember wanting to be a respectful representation of my family and values. My dress was very modest and I opted for a very traditional celebration. My cousins were the chambelanes and I danced "el vals" tradicional. I also had the traditional "ultima muñeca" gift and dance, which signifies the going from childhood to young adulthood. My religious ceremony honored my faith, my family and my life to come. It was followed by a night of fun, friends, food and dancing! 

These days many girls opt for the more modern Sweet 16th, I believe either is a great way to continue the traditions and customs of our roots and growing heritage.  I want my daughter {and my son} to embrace the good of both of our cultures and be able to understand as well as appreciate them both. 

Being a Mexican {American} comes with many lessons to learn and different worlds that should be combined in order to grow as individuals and love where we come from. As my children grow I will continue to teach them about Mexican traditions, their roots and hope that they can be proud to be who they are! I also hope that they will want to continue in these traditions of not only our families but our language and Mexican rooted lives. 

Being Mexican and being able to have grown up with such great and memory making traditions have made me who I am today, and I love it! 

Funny enough; my children are now at that age where they are understanding and questioning their surroundings. We recently went to a family Quince and my daughter was taking it all in and LOVED it. Both my kids wanted a picture with the "Queen". This kind of celebration has also turned into a great opportunity to see family and friends we wouldn't otherwise see. Which allows us to slow down, embrace life and create new memories and traditions. 


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