Friday, October 31, 2014

::Friday Letters:: #happyhalloween

Hello Friday!!!

Dear Friday!!! Thank goodness you are here!! I have been waiting for you all week.  Gracias!

Dear HOUSE. I know you are super messy, it's a bit scary, and I am not sure about that smell in the garage.....but we will see you on Sunday when we are done having Halloween fun! Haha. Sorry. #notsorry

Dear Opportunity, thank you for knocking on my door and ridding me of fears as I take the leaps of faith into what I know is my destiny and is most definitely my passion. #blogging #blogaliciousready

Dear Hubby & Kids, thank you again for showing me your constant love and support and allowing me to take us on this journey. It's not easy. We sacrifice a lot but I can promise that something amazing will come of this...

Dear Momma of Dos Reader, Have I told you how much I appreciate your support, some have been here since 2008, to you I say…WHOA! Thanks for bearing with us through the good, the bad and the growth and learning, it’s been quite the journey!!!! Muchas Gracias por estar aqui y por su apoyo! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

::Women Empowerment Series:: #HoustonLatinas

My question this week was: 

What does Latina Empowerment mean to you?

Myself and a few of our local Houston Latina Bloggers answered the following...

Karen is a local Houston Blogger you can read more about here at

Missy is a fashion and style Houston blogger you can read more about her at

Lauren is a new Momma and Houston Blogger you can read more about her at

What about you, what does Latina Empowerment mean to you?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Designs by Celenne ::Shop Review::

::Momma of Dos:: {This not a compensated post. I received product in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.}

I love shop reviews. I love personalized items. Without a doubt this so far has been one of my favorites! I love my new tumblers with my pretty little blog name on them! Excitement! 

The tumblers are so great, sturdy, with beautiful colors and their designs are so unique, learn more about Celenne and contact her for details and pricing.

When her and I started talking about my designs and what I kinda-sorta wanted, I had no idea she would create something so incredibly specific and close to what I had envisioned.

Her designs are different and completely personalized. As my lovely assistant is demonstrating below:

And, when my little model was tired she sipped on my water!

Here is a little about this awesome shop owner Celnne Gomez. By the way we are not related by blood but we are totally family now! Just sayin'... 

::Who I am::

My name is Celenne Gomez and I am the owner of Designs by Celenne. I sell an assortment of personalized items including; shot glasses for bachelorette parties, weddings and birthdays. I have recently expanded to personalizing acrylic tumblers, jewelry dishes, and wine glasses. I also make custom centerpieces for quinceanera's and birthday parties upon request.

::How I started::

For as long as I can remember, I've always told my mom I wanted to be an elementary school teacher when I grew up and that I would one day own a boutique. My mom is a very creative person and has always motivated me to be creative and think outside the box. In high school my mom and I stayed up late to make my own homecoming mums. When I was getting married and I couldn't find the right centerpieces my mom gave me the idea to make them myself. That put everything in motion for Designs by Celenne. My mom and husband have been my biggest supporters since the beginning and would always tell me I could create things to sell. 7 months later, with the full support of my husband, I quit my full time job to return to school full time to pursue my bachelors in Education. 

And, Designs by Celenne is allowing me to be able to continue my education and has opened many  new doors for me in the business world.

::A little fun details about me:: 

How I keep motivated while working on my designs.... I have Pandora saved as my home page for my internet so as soon as I turn on my computer I open the internet browser and the music gets me in my work zone. The great thing is I love what I do and I'd rather be in my office creating new ideas or working on current orders than watching TV, even on my off hours. 

This past summer I went fishing for the first time and I loved it!!! I will definitely be making time to go again!!

I am Bilingual. And,one of my favorite sayings is one that my mom would tell me all the time growing up....

I currently have a tumbler giveaway going on that will be end soon, please visit my Facebook Fan Page for more information.

::My best way to reach me is as follows::

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Book of Life~Inspired Halloween #diadelosmuertos

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is not a compensated post. All opinions expressed are my own. }

The Book of Life was a wonderful movie about family, true love and culture! I loved the colorful scenery and the tale of Manolo, the young man torn between family honor and his love for Maria. I love how it depicts el Dia de los Muertos. It's a true remembrance of our heritage and ancestors, as Mexican{Americans} I want my children to learn about this holiday and it's significance. 

El Dia de Los Muertos is the perfect moment to reflect on life and honor the memory of our loved ones. The altar or "ofrenda" is a symbolic exhibit that reflects your loved ones personality and likes. It's also a close connection that is said to bring back the souls of our loved ones on this specific day. 

I remember as a child leaving not only fresh flowers as well water and bread at my Abuelita's grave-site but also sitting in the dark night with only veladoras lighting the way as we prayed for our loved ones now gone. It was never a scary situation but one that brought me peace.

We are yet to build and create an altar, maybe next year. But, we do visit the altars created at Meca every year. 

When my children saw the Book of Life they too learned that death was not scary but simply the circle of life. Yes, we are filled with deep pain and sorrow when we loose a loved one but we are left with their legacy, their image and our memories of them. That is what truly matters. 

I decided to create a very simple and easy Halloween look with Camila as my model. Inspired by the Book of Life and El Dia de los Muertos. Another symbolic way of celebrating life and death on this day is by dressing as "la catrina" or with "calavera" face painting. 

Camila and I worked hard to create this look for the first time. Keep in mind we are not experts and she is very wiggly 3 year old! 

What you will need to create your look:
  • Halloween White Face Paint
  • Halloween Color Sticks
  • Simple Make-up applicators 

You will also need a willing and eager 3 year old. At first Camila was really excited but it took some time for the paint to set and for us to move forward, so she quickly became antsy. 

Then, I applied the white paint all over her little clean and dry face. I let it set for about 20 minutes or so. And, attempted to add color afterward.

Then, I added a spiderweb on her forehead and the stitch like smile around her lips with the black color stick. Finally, I added some color around her eyes; a red flower and a heart with the red glittery stick. 

I finished her look with a big red flower for her hair and a colorful folkloric Mexican dress. 

At the end of the night my little lady is a super trooper and as you can see very expressive

What about you, how you will celebrate Halloween and/or El Dia de los Muertos?

Monday, October 27, 2014

::Total Beauty Expo:: #LatinaEmpowerment

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. All thoughts expressed are my own.}

I say this all the time. I love meeting new people. A lot of the people who I have met in recent years are a direct result of this blog. I never know what to expect of people who you meet on-line because well there are not so good stories about the world wide web. But, fortunately I have met not only extremely nice people but more importantly women who have made great impacts in my life and mind.

This weekend I attend the Total Beauty Expo created and run by the beautiful Shunte Davis of Total Beauty Ladies Events. She is also the creator of Beautifully Being U Magazine

As I sat and took in the show I also started to think; what does it mean to have "Total Beauty"?

Photos: Make-up Artist Brenda of XTenbyDeAnda  getting her model ready for the make-up competition. Finished look and other pictures on my Instagram @mommaofdos  and on @xtenbydeanda

Society has set standards and clothes size that we have, for the most part, allowed to define what total beauty means or how it’s represented.

As women we tend to be very hard on ourselves, I know that personally I tend to be very hard on myself. Especially now as a Momma. Growing into who I am and owning my style, body image and who I truly want to be has been a process.

What does total beauty mean to me and how I choose to view it?

I believe that the following characteristics create total beauty.


Who we are is represented by our attitude. How we carry ourselves and interact with others. Being confident and knowing that no matter what size or skin color we are, we are all beautiful.  Attitude is not only a feeling deep inside of us but it’s also seen when we go out in public; the way we dress and how we own our body image and feel. If I feel confident about my size, my hair and my skin color, and so on; then others will perceive me as a beautiful and confident woman.  And, if I act as if I am not important and doubt myself, that too will show and people can see that.


As Women we are somehow given some of the most difficult jobs and tasks in life. We build not only courage and character but also strength. That strength is notable in our actions, our words and who we choose to be around. Usually other strong women who can encourage us and build us up. It's that inner strength that grows as the difficult days pile upon us; that we learn to push forward and rise above the deepest obstacles. Strength, has been a force and a propeller in my life. Just when I think I am weakest, something happens within me that allows me to prove to myself that I am not only growing in strength daily but stronger now than I have ever been.  



I cannot tell you enough how much we should LOVE & Respect ourselves. These are two other characteristics that also shine through our being and in how we chose to live our lives and carry ourselves. Most importantly the more we love ourselves the more our confidence grows, when we are confident we respect ourselves and in return others will respect you as well. Ladies love yourself, respect yourself.  

How does this transcend into Latina Empowerment? Or Women Empowerment as a whole, no matter what race you are? 

I think that we can all be personally responsible as a Momma, a Friend, an Aunt, a Cousin, and so much more. We are role models for the young ladies/women around us. We can teach them these characteristics and allow them to constantly know that they too can learn to be strong, independent women. That they can be confident women who can achieve anything they set their mind on. That we believe in them and their dreams. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

::Camping:: 5 Lessons I Hope my Children Learned...

For months now we have been preparing and planning our very first camping trip to Garner State Park since we had our children. This past weekend the camping trip happened. While it was about relaxing, getting away and enjoying the down time; it also served as the perfect moment to reflect. 

I learned that my children are so adaptable and that they don't mind working. The helped build tents, prepare camp fires and packed snacks for our afternoon hike. They were motivated, determined and enthusiastic about all the experiences we were living; some traits that I feel will be useful in their early adulthood and life in general. 

A few things that I hope they learn and carry with them not only now but throughout their life are the following:

:: Never Give Up :: Things in life don't always go as planned. I hope they can always see the positive side and know that they should never give up; no matter how difficult the path maybe. They should always strive to reach their goals, to make it to the top and be the best they can be.

It can be done... 

:: Be Fearless :: I am a big wuss. At 33 I fear a lot mostly because I know the dangers and consequences of most actions. As for my kids, I want them to be fearless. I want them to know the danger and consequences that surround them but at the same time I don't want that to stop them from being who they want to be. I don't want them to be afraid of setting big goals or having even bigger dreams. I want them to know that they can reach any goal and attain all of their dreams.

As they did this weekend. 

:: Technology isn't everything :: Yes. I said it. While camping we did minimal technology. I posted several pictures on Instagram  but that was the extent of Social Media and technology that I did. My kids had their iPads  for the trip but at times, all of that became obsolete as we were too busy enjoying our surroundings and more importantly our company.

Life is ultimately about connecting in-person and with nature, it allows us to reflect not only on the creations the universe has given us but also the blessings that life has bestowed upon us as the years go by.

:: The Stars are Beautiful ::  When we were camping the sky seemed so close and the stars were so bright. Lighting our night and giving us peace. It was amazing. My kids loved looking for the moon and staring at the stars.

Life is too short and the sky should be enjoyed. 

:: Enjoy Life :: Not everything should be about work. Taking a break and enjoying life when possible is such a a great blessing. I want my kids to know that while we should work hard to reach our goals, we should also reap the benefits of our hard work and enjoy life, travel and have fun!

Learning about everything and everyone around us. 

One question that we kept asking our kids while on our trip was; "What is your favorite part of our camping trip so far?" And, both of them answered things that we wouldn't usually do like; "climbing the rocks and big dinosaur mountains." Or "roasting marshmallows and making S'mores on the fire.

As a Momma, this makes my heart happy on so many levels. It makes me feel as if I have somehow accomplished my goal of creating lasting, happy memories that my children will remember for times to come.

What are some lessons you hope your children learn from their experiences as they grow?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{Garner State Park} ::Weekend Snapshots:: Part 1

This past weekend we had our first family camping trip with the kids! We made the long car trip to Garner State Park. After numerous potty breaks, food stops and of course our must, Bucee's stops we made it to the peaceful park in Concan,Texas.  {More pictures from our road-trip on my Instagram @mommaofdos

My Husband and I love camping and traveling but when the kids were younger we  I  always feared that traveling and the outdoors may not be very age appropriate. So, we waited, until now. I am so glad we did. To be able to build the anticipation of a trip like this and be able to hear my children voice their excitement and experiences as well as ask a million and one times, are we there yet?! Was definitely worth the wait! 

We did everything they wanted to do. We set up a tent, we ate s'mores, hiked and swam in the Rio Frio! It was so much fun and family friendly. One of my favorite moments was hiking up the big flat hill which my children claimed was a mountain filled with Dinosaur remains and treasure. Both of which they found.  

It was amazing. The determination was real and my kids loved it. It wasn't easy but we made it to the top and enjoyed our mini-vacation to the max. 

To be continued.....