Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{Garner State Park} ::Weekend Snapshots:: Part 1

This past weekend we had our first family camping trip with the kids! We made the long car trip to Garner State Park. After numerous potty breaks, food stops and of course our must, Bucee's stops we made it to the peaceful park in Concan,Texas.  {More pictures from our road-trip on my Instagram @mommaofdos

My Husband and I love camping and traveling but when the kids were younger we  I  always feared that traveling and the outdoors may not be very age appropriate. So, we waited, until now. I am so glad we did. To be able to build the anticipation of a trip like this and be able to hear my children voice their excitement and experiences as well as ask a million and one times, are we there yet?! Was definitely worth the wait! 

We did everything they wanted to do. We set up a tent, we ate s'mores, hiked and swam in the Rio Frio! It was so much fun and family friendly. One of my favorite moments was hiking up the big flat hill which my children claimed was a mountain filled with Dinosaur remains and treasure. Both of which they found.  

It was amazing. The determination was real and my kids loved it. It wasn't easy but we made it to the top and enjoyed our mini-vacation to the max. 

To be continued..... 

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