Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch ::Picture Overload:: #wordlesswednesday

A couple of weekends ago we visited San Antonio and one of our must stop places to visit was the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch  we didn't know how REAL and how CLOSE the animals would be.

Here is what we experienced in pictures!

The adventure was one of kind. We had so much fun and were even "attacked" by the animals. NOT in a bad way. It was all in good fun! These animals are aware of all the interested visitors and I feel they kind of put on a show to make it all more REAL!

But, just in case...we kept the windows rolled UP when we went past the show-offs! HA.

 My Husband tried to talk the Zebra into walking over to the truck... 
 He quickly rolled the window back up..haha. 
 I rolled the window up too!! 

{We did not harm the animals and they did not harm us! }

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