Thursday, November 20, 2014

::Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinners:: #thankfulthursday

This time next week our little family will be eating a semi-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. My parents are truly Mexican. Not just throwing that out there but it is a fact.  They want salsa and tortillas with their Turkey every year, no matter how non-traditional that may be. Growing up I never had a problem with it, I was used to it. It was later in my years of life that I felt like my parents were just being difficult.  Then I had children. Seems your perspective is clouded before you have kids.

I changed my views, feelings and thoughts on situations like this. I now embrace my parents’ ways. I embrace our roots and accept new traditions. That’s what Thanksgiving was about right? Not just adopting America as our new country but also accepting the coming together of cultures and embracing our life in the American’s and theses differences.

Which is why now, our thanksgiving table is never lacking in tortillas and salsa. Oh yea and our leftovers are always interesting. Either, taquitos dorados or enchiladas, this year I am thinking Turkey Enchilada soup!  I mean come on, is there any other way!?

These days we accept all new foods to our Thanksgiving dinner table, not just because it’s delicious but because I want my children to be open to new ways and foods.  What better time then Thanksgiving to create a melting pot of traditions. I am extremely thankful of my family and our difference, it makes us who we are and stronger as a unit! 

I know we all have very different non-traditional ways of celebrating during the Holiday season and I always love listening and learning from those around me. 

I learned about the awesomeness that happens at my friend Alba’s house of Independent Mami and trust me, I want to be there!!!  She is Salvadorean and her Momma makes an amazing, from what I hear, Pan con Chumpe! She has pictures on her Pinterest board and let me tell you. I almost ate my phone!! Ha.

What are your most favorite non-traditional dishes or family rituals for Thanksgiving? 

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