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Yvette {Traveling Husband} #inspiredseries

Hello! My Name is Yvette, Wife to an amazing Hubby, of 6 years, and a Stay at Home Mom of 2 Little Ones.  My daughter(5) is a princess in every form.  She LOVES make up, dresses, heels and all things girly.  Lord Help Me!  :)   My son (2) is truly a boys boy.  He likes to play rough and usually ends up in trouble over it.  My kids are my world, but at times I would struggle with being at home and feeling like I wasn't contributing to the world.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Finance with experience in Accounting.  I was really good at it too, but that experience and degree didn't matter to my kids.  Its easy to get depressed and I always tried to look at the positive side of staying at home with my kids, but it was really hard.  My husband has a CRAZY schedule and we live 3 Hours away from our ENTIRE family, so I usually felt alone and became somewhat of a recluse.   

Starting a boutique was something that I wanted to do since I got pregnant with my daughter in 2009 but we travel for weeks, sometimes months, at a time so starting a brick and mortar boutique seemed really impractical.  After a lot of research, and getting denied by the city the year before, I got approved with a Home Occupancy Certificate.  I was finally able to open up an Online Children's Boutique.  It is the piece of the puzzle that I felt was missing.  Now I feel complete, I get to stay at home with my kids, teach them, play with them and raise them.  My husband never has to worry about taking my kids to any doctor's appointments and I don't have to worry about taking time off work when they are sick.  It is a win, win situation for everyone involved.

When I was pregnant with my daughter we lived in New Mexico for 3 Months.  It wasn't so bad. 

Then, when I was pregnant with my son in 2012 we lived in Washington DC for 3 1/2 Months.  My daughter was 2 1/2 and we had no vehicle.  We had to walk EVERYWHERE and used the subway when we needed to.  The closest grocery store was about a mile away.  That was a long ways to waddle.  HAHA!  On the final day in DC, I had a scheduled Drs. appointment and ended up at the hospital.  I was 5 months pregnant and already contracting due to the walking and dehydration.  They gave me a shot to strengthen my sons lungs, put an IV for the dehydration and sent me on my way.  Then, when we arrived back home, we went straight to the hospital from the airport.  I spent the night and they gave me meds to prevent the contractions.  In the end, my son was born two days before his due date.  He is a VERY HEALTHY, VERY LOUD little boy.  I really think those shots to strengthen his lungs worked a little too well.  

We have done short stints of travel in California, Houston and the RGV.  Needless to say, we do A LOT of traveling, and with 2 toddlers its not always easy.  My kids are still small so they get impatient and sometimes don't understand that it takes a while to get to a destination.  We have done many things to try and get their minds off of a long trip.  If it is a road trip, we try to leave after lunch so the kids can take a nap on the road and it usually works out just fine.  We also bring movies with us on the road and if we are traveling by plane we make sure to bring snacks, toys and coloring books.  We do sometimes stay behind when my Hubby has a short trip.  Before he leaves, we have a conversation with our daughter so she can know her Daddy will be gone for a couple of days.  She usually says "ok" and "I'm gonna miss you, daddy".  I think it makes it easier on her to know what is going on.  Our son is still too small.  Every time he asks for his Daddy, I just tell him he's at work and he usually says "ok".  

The biggest challenge of having a traveling Hubby is probably having to stay at a hotel room.  My kids like to run and play, and they don't mean to be, but sometimes they are really loud.  The security at a hotel once came knocking because someone complained about the noise.  Obviously, at home they are used to being loud and no one getting after them over it.  I don't like to get after   them for playing but they do have to learn to be mindful of others.  Traveling is not always a horrible thing.  We LOVE that our little ones are able to see other cities, especially big cities.  My husband and I didn't have that privilege growing up so we try to do as much as we can, and see things that we wouldn't see in our small city.  

This time around we are celebrating our Thanksgiving away from our house.  Usually, my parents come over to our house and I make the turkey and my mom helps with making the sides.  This year, it will just be the 4 of us, but that doesn't bother me.  We celebrate Christmas for 3 Days. It starts with Christmas at our house, just the 4 of us, on the 23rd.  On Christmas Eve we Celebrate with my Husbands Family and the 25th we Celebrate at my Grandmas House (my dad's mom), then at my parents’ house in the evening.  Yes, we are all over the place at Christmas.  The kids love it because they get presents everywhere.  On the 26th we pack up and head home.  

It might sound crazy, but we are used to the travel. Most of the year, we are at home, bored out of our minds. My daughter starts school next August so our travel will slow down some. Until then,               we will see where the road takes us.    

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about how I got started with the boutique and about our traveling experiences with 2 small children.  

Thank You to Connie Gomez at Momma of Dos for this opportunity.  

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