Monday, June 1, 2015

::A letter to my Graduate:: Pre-K that is...

My son is 5. He isn't graduating from High School or better yet this isn't his Ph.D from Harvard...yet. 

But, the moment was so great I had to share. 

My son, my little man graduated Pre-K. The little boy that took me 10 years to have, the boy who stole my heart in September 2009. He is graduating from Pre-K! All I can think is, he amazes me. He is a Blessing. 

He is a 5 year old none-the-less. My patience is tested everyday and he loves getting dirty and making messes. It's who he is. Who is becoming and how he is evolving that leaves me breathless all the time. 

To him I write the following:

::Dear Santiago:: 

I didn't understand Pre-K or Kindergarten graduations either. But, now that I have you and Camila I see purpose and meaning. Your purpose is to be uplifted and encouraged. Motivated to always do your best. To know that while you have reached these smaller goals and achievements in your life there are so many other much bigger and better goals that await you. More graduations that can be had. 

Your purpose is to enter a new chapter of your forming life. The next chapter will be formative into your young adulthood. I want so many things for you. I want you to grow into not only a self-control, respectful young man. But, also be intelligent and make good, smart decision. There is a difference. You can be both. You can do both. 

What does this all mean and why does it even matter? It's like so many other small things that should be celebrated in life. It's another milestone that you have been blessed to reach. You will be entering Kindergarten this fall with it will come another level of education and growth.

I don't ever want you to feel limited and I want you to always reach for the highest possible goals and levels in every action you take. Because you will soon find out an education is not something every child has the privilege of having. You should take advantage of the roads opened by myself and your Dad. We both worked hard as first generation Mexican-Americans to graduate college and provide for you and Camila what most parents cannot for their children.

An education as cliche as this may sound, is the key to many open doors. It will not seem that way for years to come, but one day when you sit in a high ranking position you will look back and think...I am glad my parents made me do this. Because of your current education that we are able to provide, you are a confident, smart young man. Learning right from wrong and powerful bible verses that will one day get you through those difficult moments in life.

Though you are only 5, know that you can do anything you want and become whomever you wish but it will not happen successfully without hard work and dedication.

We love you so much. Your day was filled with so much love and support. Some tantrums and time-outs but we made it through the awesome milestone.

Love you always,

Your Momma

We plan to do as your daycare Director stated... "Mold, guide and encourage you..." always.


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