Tuesday, June 2, 2015

::June:: Birthday Month

June is a bit important in my life, since it's the month I was born. Back in 1981. My birth story like most is an eventful one, filled with emotions and I kind of left my Momma in a coma. No worries. It ended well. 34 year later; my Momma and I are very well alive and determined individuals. We survived birth and birthing, we have literally lived through hell with family turmoil and now we just appreciate every moment and work hard for a wonderful future.

Since then I have graduated college, got married and had two beautiful children who these days create interesting days and sleepless nights.

I am happy and blessed to be turning 34 this month, considering.... I should have never made it.

June thankfully brought some sunshine in Houston. We have had some pretty devastating floods across Texas in the last couple of weeks. I am glad the month started off well. The sunshine helps me thrive. 

June promises to be busy...what are you up to this month?

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