Wednesday, July 22, 2015

::Explore Houston:: Hiking Trails-Bane Park

I started this series a couple of months ago. Since then Houston has flooded and rain had been a non-stop daily happening. These days the heat is quickly rising but thankfully the rain is giving us a break. With that I decided to continue our trail posts.

We love local on days when we just want to be outdoors but don't want to break the bank. So, we pack up a picnic, some chairs and water and we head out to a park or trail. It's so much fun. It's very inexpensive and best of all it's local.

There are so many Houston parks and trails, it's amazing. And, at times overwhelming. I don't know how many parks I have looked up and decided that I want to visit them, create an entire mental plan and end up mentally exhausted. But, if you get organized and out the door these places can be a true treasure. 

If you have SUPER active children like mine who don't mind stepping outside and getting a good walk in, then you will definitely want to follow this series! If you want us to feature your favorite park, email me! I will visit the park {when I can} and write up our Momma review!! {email:} 

The park we visited this time was:

It looks small but trust me the possibilities are endless. It has a short trail, fishing lake and even a splash pad and rock climbing spot! 

{Please note these pics are from back in February or cooler days... hahaha} 

We arrive and quickly find a good spot to start our visit and adventure... At this park the ducks walk right but to you. We try to remember to bring bread to feed them. While my Husband fishes we set out to explore. The kids love it all.

We come back to our spot to eat some snacks and as my Hubby would say... to hydrate. Especially on hot days.

Honestly. No matter where my kids go they always have fun. To me that's all that matters. Plus my nerves are not as bad when we are in public open places where my kids can run, be loud and my nerves are at ease. If you know me, I get nervous, easily. 

Creating memories and having fun it what it's all about. Visit Bane Park and tag @mommaofdos on social media {@mommaofdosTX on Twitter) so we can see your adventure!

Some information about the park:

9600 W. Little York Road
Houston, Texas 77040
Phone: 281-353-4196

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday 
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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