Tuesday, July 21, 2015

::Weekend Snapshots:: July Edition

My sweet friend Ari of 3TwentySix does an amazing job at keeping up with her weekend snapshots. I think I will make it a once a month thing. HA. Because I suck at it! HAHA. I take the pictures but then never put them into a post. It's why I love Instagram {follow us!!} I can tell a short story and share my pictures all at once. 

My last weekend snapshots is from like April you can see it here: 

This weekend was fun, not too eventful and VERY hot ya'll. We opted for staying in, a lot, at least during the day when the heat was unbearable. We came out only at night like the bats. When it was not so sunny! Ha. But, we had fun none-the-less. 

Our weekend kicked off with a quick visit to the doctors office, where Camila was diagnosed with Viral Croup. It's not fun. But, for some reason my kids have no fear of doctors or medicine. I guess it's a good thing. I think this will change for Camila once she gets her next set of shots. We shall see. In the mean time she is a happy camper and always good at waiting for the doctor. 

Saturday morning my Hubby, the foodie, wanted to take us to try something new for breakfast. Einstein Bros. Bagels. It was a good change from our usual cereal and scrambled eggs on Saturday or weekend mornings. Santiago had trouble sharing his Chocolate chip bagel with sweet cinnamon cream cheese.  My Hubby tried to explain he couldn't eat both and had to share with his Sister. We enjoyed a variety of bagels, you know to figure out what we liked! Ha. 

We had the following:
Chocolate Chip Bagel with Cinnamon Sugar Cream cheese
Plain bagel with Berry Goodness Topper
Asiago bagel with Smoked Salmon spread topped with capers and smoked salmon-this was my fav! 
Plain Bagel sandwich with turkey sausage and cheese 

And, it was pretty kids friendly. Except my kids are wild, so we couldn't just hang out and talk. We usually eat and go right.before.the.tantrums. 

Saturday afternoon the girls headed out to a baby shower for a sweet friend whom, I happened to do Maternity Pictures for! 

Saturday night we headed out on another food adventure- TORCHY'S TACOS. It was OK, in our book. We went to try it out but not sure it's a place for us. We felt we could make it all home, or have had better homemade. We did eat, service and food were good but yeah... They did have a kids menu which is always appreciated and it was semi-kid friendly. Definitely the night crowd was starting to stare at us but the kids did very well. Colored the coloring pages provided, asked infinite questions and ate their chicken quesadillas.  We had a good night out. 

Sunday morning we headed out early and registered the kids for Soccer, this will be Santiago's 3rd season and Cam's first. Let me tell you. She is beyond ecstatic! She has been wanting to play since last year but is just now old enough. She can't wait and I know she will kick butt. She is focused, fierce and excited- perfect attitude to get the goals in!

We also signed up to COACH! Posts on that for sure! HAHA. 

We ended our Sunday with my parents coming over, cooking for us, fixing my plants outside and helping me clean up! They are SUCH  a huge blessing for our children and family. My parents are amazing. We also watch Mexico play and you know everyone has to support and sport their Mexican pride!

That was our weekend, what did you do this past weekend?

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