Friday, August 28, 2015

Why I Blog and how I will never compete with you.....

Where to begin? 

Blogging. It started off as a "writing challenge" to myself. I wrote about anything really. Random happenings. Then, I got pregnant. In a desperate attempt to relate to someone and to know that the crazy baby happenings were normal; I sought out other "Mommy Bloggers". I found some of the best, and one of my biggest inspirations. Inspirations for sharing. Sharing, in a very vivid way, all the beautiful, sad and overwhelming details about life as a whole.  

I gained a small but loyal following. Then life changed, once again. I was a "stay-at-home mom" with Dos {2} small toddlers. I learned about sponsors and compensation. Again, meeting and being mentored by some of the nations absolute best. I gained a little bigger audience and support. 

I went back to work outside of my home after about 7 months. 

Then big things started happening. My blog "took off". Lots of awesome opportunities. After a full year of work, home and "blog work". I decided that going "that big" wasn't for me. Why? Because I love working an "8-5" job that relates to my career and my college degree; which I am still paying off. But, I will continue to blog, always, no matter what. I will continue to network and meet new people. To seize opportunities and seek them. I will. Because I want to and I love it.

Working outside of my home, taking care of my home, blogging and volunteering. Most can't do it. Some don't want to. But me, it's a way to create and establish my balance. To be busy. To blog big or small. It's what I live for. My passion. 

Am, I a huge blogger with a large following? Some times. I don't really look at that. I just like to write. I have fallen in love with telling my story and sharing our life. Small bits at a time. Do I take breaks? All the time. Do I feel overwhelmed? Some days. Do I quit? Never. 

I feel that once this life is established there is really nothing else that fills the void or the need to be busy. Do I blog like other bloggers? Maybe not. But, to me that's OK.... 

As they say..I am too busy making my grass greener to be looking at your lawn. 

Right now, I am seeking more. From myself mentally, physically and emotionally. I want my Husband and kids to be happy and stable. I seek to maintain my home life; cooking, cleaning, wiping butts, being Momma and Wife to the chaos. I want to grow and develop my career. Explore life and be a good writer with a loyal group of readers. 

I will never compete with other Momma's or Bloggers... we are all so very different. Our stories and blogs were created for different purposes. And, that's OK with me. 

Just a Friday morning thought.... 

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