Friday, September 18, 2015

When you do too much.... #FridayLetter

Dear Reader, 

Trust me. I know what it seems like. If you follow me on Social Media or here on my blog, it's easy to think...she does too much. But, maybe I don't do enough. Crazy to think about it this way. But, I could be gone tomorrow and never have done anything that I really wanted to do. A little of it all. I exercise sometimes, I eat right some days, I take care of my family and love my children, all the time. I work hard and over share.

But, you know what?

Some people never do anything or enough.

I don't want to have regrets of the what if's? 

I try it all. I succeed at some stuff, and fail at others. I never give up and keep moving forward, no matter how many times I stumble or look dumb. It's life. Is it really that serious? Life is far too short to take anything that serious. Nothing more than my kids and Husband deserve my full dedication and commitment. In part all that I do is because of them

Because, of their patience with the Momma stuck to the computer. Because, of their support of the Wife that goes to all these random events, because of the their endless love of me. No matter what kind of mistakes I make or how many cuss words spew out of my mouth. My youngest Camila will say "Mommy, what have I told you about cussing at Daddy!!" with her hand on her hip and her tiny face. I love those moments. I live for those words. I laugh and forget what the cussing was about. 

So, do I do too much



Who knows.

Who cares?

All I know is that no matter what, love exists in my life daily. And that my friends, is all that matters. 

Happy Friday.

P.S. This place will be quiet and lonely for a few days..maybe a week or so...I will be out of town on business...{Have always wanted to say that!}.....then you will ask... "why isn't she doing anything?" Funny huh?


This Momma 

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