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Solis Mammography’s :: Rethink P.I.N.K. Campaign :: #OctoberAwareness

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In the month of October, the color pink has become synonymous with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything from consumer products to the NFL is splashed in pink. And for this heightened awareness, the team at Solis Mammography applauds the efforts of so many organizations who work hard to create and maintain this public awareness campaign. And yet, in true ironic form, today’s reality is that too many women  avoid getting their annual mammogram because of the fear and anxiety associated with breast cancer. “Based on extensive research we’ve done with women who do – or do not – get their annual mammogram, we’ve learned that the fear and anxiety associated with the pink ribbon causes too many women to stay away,” says Connie Oliver, VP marketing and client relations for Solis Mammography. “We’ve built our patient services model to try to change that.”

Solis Mammography wants women to reclaim the month of October for national breast health, and dispel the fear and anxiety created around pink ribbons. Solis wants women to know that most women – 7 out of 8 – will not get breast cancer, and that their annual mammogram is a way to focus on empowerment, choice and peace of mind. 

As the nation’s largest independent provider of screening and diagnostics for breast health services, Solis wants women to Rethink P.I.N.K. this October and focus on breast health. In this campaign, the color “pink” is rethought and becomes an acronym, “P.I.N.K.”

    • P=Peace of Mind. Solis Mammography has trademarked the Peace of Mind Mammogram™ to reflect their promise of offering such an exceptional experience that women  won’t avoid getting the mammogram they need. The environment of each center and exceptional quality of patient care offered by specialists in breast imaging leads to peace of mind for the patients they serve.

    • I=Incredible Service. Solis Mammography’s entire team is deeply committed to the women and physicians they serve. From online scheduling and fast results delivered by secure email within 24 to 48 hours, the company is proud to cite that 98 percent of their patients would give them a positive recommendation to family or friends.

    • N=Not what you Expect. While many women associate mammograms with pain, Solis’ breast dedicated technologists are highly trained in breast compression and placement. This results in 89 percent of their patients reporting little to no discomfort during their exam.

    • K=Knowledge is Power. Perhaps most central to the Rethink P.I.N.K. campaign is the common statistic most women cite – that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Solis encourages women to remember that this also means 7 in 8 women will NOT get breast cancer. But if you are the 1 in 8, you want to find any anomaly as EARLY as possible, so that your treatment is as EASY as possible.

            The Entire Month of October including Oct. 16 which is National Mammography Day .
***Note – Many Solis centers are offering extended weekday and Saturday hours during the month of October.  

Where: There are 4 centers across Houston. 

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One Solis Mammography client says, “I’m concerned about breast health - for myself, my husband, and my kids. I go to Solis every year because they make it easy for me. I’m in and out quickly, I get my results within a day by email, and I get the peace of mind that comes from knowing I’m all clear for another year.”

About Solis Mammography:

Solis Mammography is a specialized healthcare provider focused exclusively on providing women an exceptional mammography experience. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Solis currently operates 31 centers across four states – Texas, Arizona, Ohio, and North Carolina. The company operates both wholly owned centers and multiple successful joint ventures with hospital partners. Solis provides a complete range of highly specialized breast health services including screening and diagnostic mammography (2D and 3D), computer-aided detection, breast ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy and ultrasound-guided biopsy.

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  • The staff at Solis is dedicated to providing you with a warm, caring experience.
  • The environment at Solis is comfortable and soothing.
  • Solis understands that mammography is an intimate test; they are trained to be gentle AND get the best picture of your breast.
  • Solis cares about your time! The mammogram takes 5-10 minutes; your entire visit usually takes between 30-45 minutes.
  • Results are delivered to you by secure email in 24-48 hours.
  • “Solis is focused on understanding your concerns, anxieties and needs. You’ll never be treated like a number at Solis Mammography!”
  • Convenient - Solis has multiple locations, so finding a center and scheduling your appointment is easy. Solis provides: Easy-to-make appointments via phone or computer, walk-in appointments are also available. Use the online appointment calendar to quickly book your appointment - choose the time and the day that work best for you. Click here to schedule.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women age 40 and older should have a mammogram every year and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health. Other organizations cite every other year as the optimal time to get checked. Solis Mammography encourages women to talk to their doctor, explain their unique health history, and make the choice that’s right for them. When they are ready, however, Solis is there to offer an exceptional experience – eliminating stress and anxiety in every way possible.

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