Thursday, October 22, 2015

Texas Conference for Women #BuildingWomenRelationships

                          ::Momma Disclosure:: This is a compensated post. All statements are my true and honest opinion.:: 

Sisterhood. Innovative. Empowering. Powerful. Exciting. Educational. Equality. Motivating. And, Inspiring. Those are all the words that come to mind now that I have attended the Texas Conference for Women. Imagine the largest platform and facility for networking; as well as a place where you can build new lasting friendships or partnerships. Women of all walks of life attend and the connections made are amazing. I personally had a chance to get to know a local blogger, Author and entrepreneur the lovely Sharon of The Zapata Group and the Bitchy Business Briefs, a little better. We drove to Austin together and shared a hotel room, what better way to get up close and personal real fast! Sharon is an intelligent and strong woman. Her go-getter personality is very inspiring. I love meeting women like her.

One of the best parts was getting to see our San Antonio Blogging Sisters; Melanie of Que Means What and Michelle of Family Love in my City, Veronica of Not a Girly Gurl, Silvia of Cocina Heritage, Christina of The Social Butterfly Gal, and Debbie of Pink Texas Chick. We all form part of the Texas Latino Bloggers group. The ladies have definitely inspired me to do so much more locally for our Houston Latina Bloggers group. Melanie has been a great mentor and is just overall genuine. Michelle, is the kindest and also so willing to help and support.

It's amazing the love and support one can achieve when we come together. The impact created helps propel my motivation forward and gives me so much energy.

My favorite part was of course listening to Robin Roberts, her story of triumph in so many areas of her life just really helps place so much into perspective.  While I didn’t get to meet her personally or speak to her, maybe one day. I was front row center and captured her elegant demeanor and strength.

Her motto of "When fear knocks let faith answer the door! If there is nothing there then, something better is coming!",it helps be at peace with where you are right now. Embracing the now and accepting the moment.

Bert Jacobs the creator of Life is Good was also a speaker at the conference, I was able to speak to him one on one. His story and the lives he has impacted are incredible. How he converted a pumpkin patch idea into a Life is Good music festival is just mind blowing. The power of positivity, it pays. He stated during his session the following; "Takers eat well. Givers sleep well." I don't know about you, but I want to be a giver! He expressed the need to be authentic in your brand because customers know the difference, and they have the power to make you or tear you down. He has made superpowers that are accessible to all, with his positive brand. 

"We are all living our own story, all we need is time. Protect your time with your life- because it is your life!" ~ Bert Jacobs 

{I will share his interview next week}

Candy Chang, the soft spoken young woman who, I believe, is making true social impact was definitely another speaker I was looking forward to hearing. It's amazing how a small and "simple" project in her neighborhood has made such a huge difference in the world. During her session she stated the following: "Good ideas develop from an open mind.--- Make your own discipline-from our life experiences and skills.--- Grief made me love a lot more.--- Approach life and work with the right attitude." 

The breakout sessions discussed equal pay and leadership positions for women in the workplace. Negotiating for the job and pay that we want and deserve as powerful professional, entrepreneurial  women that we are. The panels and the women involved were phenomenal, they really have an understanding of what it's like to be a hard working Momma in the U.S.. In all the new connections and bonds created are definitely worth the drive, time and effort.

"We see people who have succeeded and we think, oh they have never had a problem, but that's not true! They just don't wallow in it all."-Wendy Wallbridge 

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